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Libertarian Party

The Libertarian Party was formed after a split from the Republican Party on the issue of slavery. Libertarians argue for a limited federal government and strong individual liberties. They originally propagated the correlation between monarchy and slavery, but then moved towards arguing for labor unions and worker's rights. Among the most prominent early proponents to the Libertarians is Earl Henry Clay as his term as Chancellor of America. They have been critics of the role of the monarchy in American society, though have not advocated for the abolition of the role. They have been in support a strong office of the Chancellery as of late.   Opponents of the Libertarians accuse the party of spreading socialist ideologies that they believe run counter to the notion of American identity. This notion goes back as far as the Chancellory of Abaraham Lincoln, who oversaw America during a time of civil unrest among the working class of America, including the Railroad Riots of 1877.

Public Agenda

The Libertarians have been strong supporters of individual liberties. This began as a movement towards the abolition of slavery and into the rights of the LGBT community in the 20th century. They believe the role of the federal government is to protect the rights and liberties of the American people.

Liberty For All

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Liberty Party
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