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Rowan Courier

Rowan Richard Courier (a.k.a. Ro)

Rowan is one of the major characters in the Angelic Blood Chronicles. This page contains spoilers for Book #1 in the series.

Ro is a fifth-generation nephilim descendent of Archangel Raphael whose family line was established to protect the world against the dread demon Leviathan.

Physical Description

Facial Features

Ro tends to keep his face clean-shaven when he's with his partner, Marshall Linton, because he knows Shale prefers it and it makes him happy to do that for Shale.

Special abilities

As a nephilim, Ro has excellent agility, speed, strength, and endurance. His connection to Archangel Raphael gives him angelic abilities related to healing and the body.

Specialized Equipment

Ro carries multiple knives and daggers, including one that has been passed down through several generations of his family. His clothing has also been threaded with angelic essence that helps protect him from injury.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Ro was raised by his mother, Rachel Courier. He hasn't met his father, which isn't something that has ever bothered him. He grew up living next door to his mother's best friend, Meredith Linton, and her son, Marshall Linton. Marshall became his closest friend and eventually his boyfriend when they were teenagers.

When it was time for college, Ro was able to attend medical school paid for by his absent father. He was unhappy when Marshall's mother made him attend school on the other side of the country, but his own mother agreed that it was good for them to meet other people. She never explicitly said she didn't want him to be with Marshall, but it felt like they were being intentionally separated. It wasn't until he turned thirty and learned he was a nephilim expected to fight the dread demon known as Leviathan that he understood and forgave both of their mothers for splitting them up.

Gender Identity

Ro has taken to identifying as "a queer guy."


Ro has chosen to identify as queer sexually because he has found himself attracted to a wide range of people, but he has always allowed his instincts - the "vibes," as he and Marshall Linton call it - to choose his partners for him. Despite his own attractions, this instinct has so far only chosen partners for him who identify as male.


Ro was homeschooled by his mother, Rachel Courier. He has a medical degree and a certification to be a physician's assistant.


Ro has been working as a physician's assistant at a few different clinics since finishing school.

Mental Trauma

Ro was twenty when his mother, Rachel Courier, died in what he thought at the time was a freak accident. When he found out ten years later that a demon had been the cause of the accident, it angered him that it had happened at all. However, he still recognized that he couldn't undo the past or change anything about what happened.

Personality Characteristics


Ro feels guilty for unknowingly passing on his angelic abilities to his partners without their consent. For this reason, and because he genuinely cares about them, Ro would do anything to keep these family members safe.


Family Ties

Parents: Rachel Courier and unknown father

Primary partner: Marshall Linton

Partners who have taken on Ro's angelic powers: ...

Other partners: ...

Date of Birth
May 11th
Year of Birth
1994 CE
Queer guy
Generally masculine
Short, dark brown
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Known Languages


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