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Grace General


Grace General employs staff and nurses who are not angels, but aware of the supernatural. All doctors, however, are angelic healers who can move between hospitals rapidly in emergency situations. Many upper-level administers are often Fallen angels as well.

Public Agenda

The purpose of all Grace General Hospitals has always been to care for humans, especially those suffering from encounters with demons or other supernatural beings as well as those with serious diseases that human medicine struggles to heal. Grace General also helps to heal paranormal beings, such as vampires and werewolves, if needed. Doctors can move from hospital to hospital quickly to administer angelic healing in serious situations.


The first Grace General Hospital was opened in France in 1832, with other hospitals across the world quickly following. These hospitals were founded by Fallen angels to facilitate specialized healing for humans and paranormal alike. Non-angelic nurses and staff have also always been a part of the hospitals across the world.

You're in Healing Hands

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