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Amongst the lands, distorted by strange magics long time ago, there exists a rather large, oasis-like city, where several species cohabitate.
  There's, however, a catch.
  Anyone, who spends long enough in this place, will eventually feel an itch on their neck, before, in a few days, their head becomes easy to disconnect and fall off.
  However, it seems that letting it progress far enough allows to disconnect/reconnect at will.
  Locals, having settled there long ago and adapting to it, have built a sizeable chunk of their culture around it, including mantles, scarves and other ornaments, that not only don't disguise the separation line on the neck, but, in fact, outline it even more, as well as having it integrated into their cultural and intimate practices.
  For the newborns, head detachment tends to happen at around three years ago, leading locals to develop cultural traditions around it too, intended to help children to get adapted to it and find their way in life.
  Interestingly, this seems to be an inherited trait, for the child of one of the locals and someone from the greater world, even if conceived outside of their city-oasis, will, eventually, develop the same separation lines.
  On a cultural level, in general, headlessness is something they seem to celebrate, up to having newly-wed pairs exchange their heads for a shortwhile, instead of rings. There are special beds with separate spaces for body and head, special chairs, carrying bags and so much more, all to relish and praise this trait.


40% humans or human-adjacent, 30% beastfolk, 20% infomorphs, 10% sinumir


Representative democracy

Industry & Trade

South Phorosburg Mines 1 and 3


Bus lines, railway lines from adjacent mines.


N/A, too small


Founded in 1964, the Coalwell (originally "South Phorosburg") was created to be a worktown for miners on the nearby coal mines and kept on being that way… Until the explosion in Phorosburg.   While the larger city was completely evacuated, locals have started showing signs of some sorta effect, which, after a few weeks, resulted in them developing lines, across which body parts could be separated with no ill effects and while retaining full control, first of them always forming on the neck.   While it does seem that this is a result of exposure to some effects from Phorosburg, strangely, it seems like there are more than a few people around, that are willing to inflict this effect on themselves on purpose, hence current creation of touristic accommodations.   In addition to this, local culture is adapting to it too, with new lines of clothes being created specifically to help with retaining body parts during the transitionary period, before the changed ones learn how to control their abilities.   Strange as it might, but this did help to revitalize the monotown's economy and diversify from just being a place that mines coal and grows wheat.   As of current day, the amount of tourists is sufficient to keep the newly-converted hotel pretty populated, while local clinic provides adjustment therapy to those, who undergo the "dullahanification" willingly.

Points of interest

Sport's club, libraries, town hall. Recently, a hotel and some accommodations were added


Present due to special circumstances


Mostly brutalist


Continental, steppe

Natural Resources

Coal, wheat
Alternative Name(s)
The Dullahan Collective
Inhabitant Demonym