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Goblin weddings


Before their reentry into Khasranan society at large, the goblins of the Painted Foothills did not appear to have anything resembling a formal marriage ceremony. They tended to pair-bond like the other sentient races, but had no rituals surrounding the occasion. After the rediscovery of the goblin tribes a few centuries ago, the goblins took the parts they liked about the various traditions of the elves, humans, and aven and mixed them to make a ceremony that fit their beliefs and values best.   Generally, a wedding ceremony will be devoted to one of the Twelve, although which of the Twelve has differed over time. Currently, it is most popular for a goblin couple to devote their wedding day to Glasya the Learned, bringer of knowledge and intuition. Historically, weddings have mostly been done in the name of Kuribu the Silent, keeper of peace and affection.


A goblin couple to be married will stand before their gathered friends and family as their tribe leader will recite a story of the god to which they have given their day. A shaman associated with that deity will then perform a ritual using the standard rites and garb used in their worship. The couple will then offer their vows to that deity, to their tribe, and of course to each other.

Components and tools

In the case of weddings devoted to Glasya the Learned, the ritual components are ornate but few. The ceremonial shaman will wear a headdress made from moose antlers, as Glasya is generally depicted as a man with the head of a moose. The shaman will then invoke the essence of Glasya using spellcraft and ritual dance. In years past, this invocation was mostly performative, but in the Age of the Twelve their power is tangible and undeniable. Glasya is a popular subject of devotion for his powers of insight, and a married couple will be more in tune with one another as they are more able to intuit each other's thoughts and feelings. Other current popular subjects of devotion are Kujata the Fireheart, keeper of passion and strong emotions, and Cosmia the Ascendant, goddess of prosperity.
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