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Foothill goblins

Goblins are the only truly Khasranan civilization. The event that caused the rest of Khasranan society to disappear a thousand years ago seemed to leave the goblins unaffected, and when the land was resettled by Midisan and Gaodrunen relief workers, the goblins were again overlooked. This became the norm for centuries, up until the beginning of the Age of the Twelve.   The appearance of the Paragon Kuribu in the Painted Foothills brought human and elf civilization into contact with the goblins for the first time in generations, and after a tentative period of first contact, the goblins were welcomed into the fold of the rest of Khasranan society.   The advent of the Twelve brought with it significant advances in technology and science, and some these advances were used to modify the goblins' biological makeup. This resulted in goblins with increased cognitive abilities compared to their ancestors. The procedure was completely voluntary and offered by the Pavilion at no cost. It amplified the goblins' natural aptitude for machinery and engineering, and many goblins found work maintaining and repairing Paragon structures.   However, this advancement is still fresh in the memory of the goblins' cultural conscience, and there are feelings of unease about the dependence on outsiders for their current state. Goblins are generally grateful to the elves for what they gave them, but the perceived asymmetry of the relationship is hard for some to bear. Likewise, there are some among the other races of Khasrana that view the goblins as a servant class despite the fact that goblin engineers are second only to the elemental emissaries in their knowledge of the Twelve.   This intimate knowledge of the temples also made goblins valuable targets for recruitment by the Whitefire. Exact numbers are unknown, but multiple attacks on Paragons included at least one goblin in the assault team.


Common Myths and Legends

Before the Twelve manifested, the goblins worshiped them in slightly different forms compared to the standard pantheon observed by the rest of Khasrana. Their view of the Twelve was not as a unified family, but rather a collection of disparate and unrelated deities, with some versions of goblin worship not even including Khasrana or Naught. They place particular emphasis on Glasya the Learned, with tribe shaman wearing moose antler headdresses in ceremonies venerating the god of knowledge and asking him to enlighten them.


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