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Songs of Heirin

He wasn't just writing about Heirin's steps - they were also documenting the land. It was a work of art and science. It was... it was a masterpiece   Filin - the last person to read the Songs


Ma'ik, one of the greatest bards of history, was following the tracks of Heirin - a prophet of Sevti who had lived several hundred years before.

Document Structure

Publication Status

It is said to be buried with Ma'ik - he and Heirin died somewhere in Jag'Matir's mountains.

Historical Details

Public Reaction

Ma'ik was already a celebrated bard, and those who read parts of his Songs said it was his most beautiful work yet. When Ma'ik and his companions did not return from the mountains and diviners used magic to determine he had died there was public grieving for the great master.


Many have tried to find the Songs and many have died in the attempt. None have come back with the book in hand.
Manuscript, Literature
Vellum / Skin

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