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The travelers headed west, and after walking by Bah-vit for many days, they came to a great mountain range, Jag-Matir. Jag-Matir looked down upon them, but was unimpressed. He had heard much from his sister, Kesava, but he did not understand what she saw in these humans. So far they had done nothing but destroy, and so he expanded his mountain range to block them from getting further west. The travelers before him cried, and he did not relent, but he did show them how to build cities and how to truly create. The travelers were not appeased but they did move on from his foothills, and he has largely ignored them ever since. Still, he saw some went and formed a city, following his plans. Those, he approved of, and they have always had his favor since.

Divine Domains

City, Forge

Holy Books & Codes

Art of the Forge

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Anvil, hammer, Eagles

Tenets of Faith

The law above all else.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Jag'Matir is shown as a dwarf, his beard braided elaborately, with the wings of an eagle.
Divine Classification

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