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SOURCE   All of our legends say the first thing we did was explore. We left the harsh desert and walked to meet the other gods. It was our restless hearts and feet that led us to the edges of the world that the gods built for us. If that's true, why is our world so small? Is there anything else out there? All who have tried to cross the oceans to the north and south of us have never returned, is that because they died out there on the waves, or because there is something more?   Most look at me strange when I ask this, Ken'Ser is perfect - the gods have given us everything we need to survive, to be happy, but still I wonder as I look to the mountains if there might be something past their peaks. If there might be a world beyond.   Perhaps the gods are testing us, putting a barrier before us on all sides to see if we can overcome it, and for generations we have failed. The great cities have risen because of our own desire to remain within the garden they have built. If we were to reach beyond we could find a paradise.   My mother always said it didn't matter, we had trouble enough at home, no need to borrow it from someplace else.   She's probably right.   Mi'Lit the Sage, Two years prior to her presumed death at sea.