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Though in the distance the travelers saw a northern ocean, they first had to cross the thousands of rock spires in front of them, and Sevti was glad they had finally come to her. She was a gracious host and invited them to create bonds of loyalty. But she also showed them what they could be, showed them the glory they could have, and so some of the travelers were overcome with the need to prove themselves. They went out to the heart of Haidar’s nearby forest and created another city. Others still sought Sevti’s gift of foresight, but even those with it did not realize until much later that though loyalty could be a blessing, one could do terrible things for the ones they loved.

Divine Domains

Arcana, War, Knowledge

Holy Books & Codes

To See

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Eyes, Cats

Tenets of Faith

Protect yourself and your friends above all else.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Sevti is typically an old woman, straight and unbroken despite her years, with swirling robes not unlike those of Ser'Aya. She is flanked by 2 cats, and has eyes tattooed on each of her hands.
Primary Temple: Temple of Sevti
Divine Classification

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