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The Imperial Diadem

Nothing is more symbolic of the Emperor's rule over the Empire of Turelion than the Imperial Diadem. On all formal occasions the prize of the Imperial Jewels is to be found regally placed on the Emperor’s head, and is otherwise kept firmly under lock and key under the watch of a specially designated contingent of the The Imperial Drakes.


The most significant part of the Imperial Diadem, is the inclusion within it of the strip of red cloth that was worn by the founder of the Empire of Turelion, Machestaro I during his war of conquest over Kelbonnar. Though originally meant to be a simple head band to keep hair and sweat out of his eyes during battle, the red cloth diadem became a symbol of luck to Machestaro and he continued to wear it even after the wars of conquest were over as a symbol of his right to rule. Now the inclusion of the red cloth diadem within the Imperial Diadem allows every Emperor to not only connect themselves to Machestaro I, as an overt sign of their family lineage, but it also allows them to connect themselves to the legacy of his military might and thereby his and their right to rule through superior force of arms.   In addition, each of the jewels set within the Imperial Diadem also has a significance. For example the seven emeralds set within the golden headband represent land of the seven continents of Kelbonnar, whilst the eight, with its inset sapphire represents all of the bodies of water in the world. Combined, these eight jewels represent the Emperor’s over all of the geographical features in Kelbonnar.   This idea is further supported and enhanced by the presence of the 12 spikes that surmount the golden headband of the Imperial Diadem, which represent the 11 provinces of the Empire of Turelion and Imperial Colonies on Zastral. The inclusion of a jewel or gemstone mined from each province of the Empire represents the Emperor’s rule over all of the people’s that reside in the world.
Item type
Unique Artifact
Owning Organization
The Imperial Diadem is a unique item, specially crafted for the Emperor of Turelion and Kelbonnar. Other crowns, circlets, tiaras and diadems do exist within the collections of the Imperial Jewels, and are worn by other members of the Imperial Family, but the Imperial Diadem is the most prestigious of them all.
Raw materials & Components
The original diadem of Machestaro I is a strip of red cloth that was worn around the first Emperor’s forehead and this strip of fabric forms the basis of the Imperial Diadem. This cloth is now mounted on a band of gold and is held in place by strips of gold that wrap around the headband and the cloth diadem. There are eight of these gold strips, seven of which have an emerald set into them to represent the Emperor’s authority over the continents of Kelbonnar, and the eighth has a sapphire set into it to represent the seas and oceans.   Rising above the golden head piece and its enclosed cloth diadem are twelve golden spikes, each of 11 of which represent one of the 11 provinces of the Empire of Turelion, with the twelfth representing the Imperial Colonies on the Continent of Zastral. Each of these spikes has a jewel or a gemstone from the region it represents set within it.   The jewels and gemstones set into the Diadem’s spikes, representing the different provinces are as follows:   Turelion Province- Diamond, Ferio Province- Jade, Ultaru Province- Topaz, Quess Province- Lapis Lazuli, Oam Province- Moonstone, Bar-Sunar Province- Opal, Minid Province- Amethyst, Pelenar Province- Pearl, Langstrom Province- Amber, Greltor Province- Tiger’s Eye, Norgantho Province- Bloodstone, The Imperial Colonies- Obsidian.

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