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Salazar Macheniolli

Though his cloth would certainly mark him out as a man of high standing, it would be easy to overlook Salazar Macheniolli at fist glance, a mistake that could have previous consequences. This unassuming man is the head of the Macheniolli Family, the mercantile household who founded and run the Hastellion Trading Company.   Salazar’s unassuming manner means that he is especially adept at networking and is renowned for his ability to tease information and secrets out of people with nothing but his charm and wits. Whilst he does not demand it, if you were to ever come across him it would be wise to show him respect, as many who have crossed the Patriarch of the Macheniolli Family are never seen again.

Mental characteristics


Like all members of the Macheniolli Family, Salazar was educated at Hapsburg House, the most highly regarded of the Houses of Learning in Turelion Province, which is also regarded as one of the most eminent, if not the most eminent House of Learning in the whole of the Empire of Turelion.   Whilst there, like all members of the family he was given a firm grounding in economics, history, mathematics and languages so that he could be as great an asset to the family and their concerns as possible.


Salazar Macheniolli has been involved in the business of the Hastellion Trading Company since he came of age, and has been intimately involved in all aspects of the organisation. He has served nearly thirty years as an Investor Member of the company’s Board of Governors, both before and during his taking on of the mantle of head of the Macheniolli Family and thereby the Hastellion Trading Company.


Contacts & Relations

His position as the head of the Macheniolli Family has given Salazar access to an incredible list of powerful and influential contacts and connections, people who wish to maintain good relations with the family and through them the Hastellion Trading Company.   Out of all of the previous Patriarchs of the family, Salazar has proven himself to be particularly adept at making connections and he is said to have met all of the Satraps of every province who have served during his tenure, along with all of the Colonial Governors and it is rumoured that his connections within the Imperial Court mean that he has even had a personal audience with the Emperor themselves.

Wealth & Financial state

As the head of the Macheniolli Family, Salazar has access to all of the funds that are part of their collective treasury and all of the assets of the Hastellion Trading Company. He is the one that controls the purse strings, which as a result means that he has direct control over more wealth than Pelenar Province, Norgantho Province and Langstrom Province combined.
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Whilst he holds no official title, he is variously referred to as ‘the Head of the Family’, ‘the Patriarch’ and also simply as ‘the Father’.
Aligned Organization


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