Cult of Raminit

In the deepest dark of night in cities across Kelbonnar, shadowy figures can often be seen cruising the sleepy streets. Some of these people are probably up to no good, thieves and brigands stalking the night, but some will be travelling towards a very different purpose. In the most affluent urban areas, secret establishments, part temple, part drinking den have sprung up in hidden locations, and it is in these places that the Cult of Raminit gather to honour their ancient god of pleasure and debauchery. It is good that underground locations are favoured for their Temples, as the sound of their debauchery and decadence would otherwise be heard for miles around, and would stir even the dead from their slumber.

Public Agenda

The Cult of Raminit exists to honour the god of excess and debauchery Raminit and to encourage those who can afford to engage in pleasurable activities as much as possible.


As it primarily attracts affluent individuals, the Cult of Raminit has a large resource base to draw upon, thanks to the tithes that it imposes on its members, to help keep the rather expensive activities of the Cult going. Part of this money is spent on the acquisition of property in cities and large towns across Kelbonnar, that can be converted into a temple space, with a preference always being given for underground locations.   Temples run by the Cult always have a large body of staff who work for them, and have large kitchens and well-stocked wine cellars to provide ample food and drink to fuel the feasting that is a regular party of the worship of Raminit.   In addition, the Cult have a complex, referred to as the Raminiterion that is thought to be located somewhere in the Spears of Astartes mountains of Euristan, though its exact location is a closely guarded secret, known only to the Priests who lead the Cult and members who are widely respected and influential. This complex acts as the training facility for the clergy, hosts a library of texts linked to the culinary arts and other, less tasteful topics of debauchery, and it also houses what is said to be the largest feasting hall outside of the domain of Raminit himself.

Tenets of Faith

The main guiding principle of the Cult is that life is often short, cruel and hard, and that pleasure, provided to mortal races through the benevolence of Raminit, should be sought as often as possible in as much excess as possible.


Worship activities take place everyday in a temple of Raminit, usually in the dead of night, but each temple will tend to have its own specific days where worship activities are attended by the largest number of adherents, which is mostly dictated by the schedules of attendees more than anything else.   Regardless of this, all worship to Raminit follows the same pattern. First of all a solemn religious ceremony will be held where the attendees give offerings and prayers to the god, in thanks for the good things that they have received throughout the week. This will then be followed by an enormous feast where gluttony, drunkenness and all manner of wholesome and salacious entertainments are actively encouraged, to further honour the god of excess.


Each of the Cult’s temples are led by a Priest of Raminit, who is supported by two Assistant Priests. The Priest and Assistant Priests lead the worship activities that take place in each temple, and also take on the duties related to the temple’s finances and organisation.   All those who wish to become a priest in the Cult of Raminit must go through a rigorous discernment process via the Priest in charge of their local temple, who will then recommend suitable candidates for training. Acolytes are sent for training at the Cult’s secret headquarters in the Spears of Astartes mountains, the Raminiterion, where they are trained in the Cult’s doctrine by the Priests who reside there and work exclusively on educational and theological matters.   The entire Cult is headed by a high priest known as the Mouth of Raminit, who is the ultimate temporal authority of the church.

Political Influence & Intrigue

Because the Cult of Raminit is a church that attracts those who can afford the significant tithes that are levelled on its members, its congregations are formed from the richest sub-section of society, who bring with them their influence and connections. Cult temples across Kelbonnar are attended by community leaders, nobility and the Empire of Turelion has a particular problem with many high ranking provincial and Imperial officials being members. Indeed, in the Imperial capital Meltaro, the Cult’s temple is rumoured to be attended by members of the Congregation of Lords and even members of the Imperial family.   This means that not only do the Cult of Raminit’s temples act as ideal networking places for the highest rungs of society, but the Cult can also draw on a substantial amount of political influence to protect itself. For instance, in the Empire of Turelion, this influence has enabled it to resist the efforts of the Imperial Church of Astartes to have the cult's temples in Imperial territory condemned and shut down and its members prosecuted when their debauchery occasionally goes awry.
Founding Date
Unknown, but first known record of the Cult is dated to 735DP
Religious, Cult


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