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Confidantes of the Mistress


The death of Madrius Taloran shocked the socialite elites of Magtria Vila, who had long thought themselves safe from the repercussions of their debaucherous activities. This shock turned to fear with the rise of Markus Saitarius to the position of Regent and the subsequent formation of the Northern Confederation which used the uncovering of Madrius's illicit activities as a rallying point to oust several prominent ruling families. 

While many socialites reformed, or at least pretended to, a portion elected to go underground. Utilizing the various brothels, opium parlors, and other dens of depravity that had not yet been traced back to the now dead Mistress of House Taloran. During this time the so-called "Confidantes of the Mistress" were little more than a pleasure club, and while Madrius was enshrined as it's founder, she was not actively worshiped or even revered in any meaningful manner.

This changed on the 18th of Midwinter when a group of adventurers managed to make it out of the twisted hellscape contained within the Taloran Manor alive. Their reports told of the twisted nightmares they encountered within the realm, of warped abominations and alien landscapes, but above all revealed a shocking truth: Madrius was alive. No longer human she had somehow bound herself to the other realm in a new form. Fearful of how such information might embolden Madrius's former compatriots Markus Saitarius swore the adventurers and those who guarded the Manor to secrecy. However those within the military loyal to Madrius soon spread the news, and before the end of the month word had reached the Confidantes.

Now aware that their founder was not only alive, but had somehow managed to transcend death itself, a bout of religious fervor overtook the Confidantes of the Mistress. Their actions were no longer seen as mere hedonistic self-indulgent, but rather the sanctioned teachings of a higher power. With this knowledge the Confidantes have become emboldened, openly displaying the iconography of the Taloran family and attempting to publicly recruit new members. Though their faith is one of the few deemed wholly illegal within the Northern Confederacy, it nonetheless has a strong foothold within the Confederacy's capital.

Mythology & Lore

The modern day Confidantes of the Mistress view Madrius as a transcendent figure, who's pursuit of pleasure in the purest form allowed her to cast off her mortal form in death and be reborn into the mystical realm known to the Confidantes as Crescendo. It is believed that by following Madrius's example of placing ones own satisfaction above all else and being willing to cast aside all worldly ties, including one's mortal form, one is able to gain entry into Crescendo.
Founding Date
Religious, Cult

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Journeyman PrincessESH
Aster Blackwell
24 Nov, 2020 22:20

I absolutely love the creativity in this! The history is really well thought out!