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Magtria Vila

The seat of power in the north, the summer home of the lords, gem of Ardland, Ratburrow. The city of Magtria Vila goes many names. Divisive to it’s core the city nonetheless stands as a testament to the Royal Family’s power and the unity brought about by the Magtarian Kingdom’s formation. A sparkling jewel in the otherwise desolate landscape of Ardland it acts as the seat of royal power in the norther provinces and its official center of trade and commerce. Seat of the Witch Hunters Guild’s Frostborn division, and the Council of the Northern Lords it is a hub for politicians, philosophers, and warrior elites. Bridging the Vila river the city bustles with activity at nearly every hour. Subterranean hot springs warm the city even during the cold winter months, and provide a near constant source of fresh, if somewhat warm, drinking water. Small canals run between towering rows of marble buildings, built in stepped pyramid fashion and rising up several stories. One of the few new builds of the new continent these towering structures act as a reminder of Royal engineering might. A towering wall surrounds the central portion of the city. While ostensibly for defense the wall’s ultimately serves a more artistic purposes and local artisans and painters are often hired to decorate sections of the otherwise gray stonework, ensuring the wall always shines with artful colors. At the center of the city stand the tallest buildings, nearly 10 stories in hight. Temples to the Divine King, guild halls, and the royal senate can be found here. At the center of the town itself stands the Fountain of Renewal. While the elites of Magtria Vila have grown arrogant over the years, focusing more on political infighting and maneuvering, the general populace still maintain relatively close relations with many nearby towns, particularly the eastern seaports and the fortress city of Edrigate. Despite this the city’s population maintains a general distaste for the denizens of Portempest, whom they view as upstart rivals seeking to claim Magtria Vila’s rightful place.

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  • Magtria Vila
    Map of Magtria Vila circa 1080.
Alternative Name(s)
The Seat of Power in the North, The Summer Home of the Lords, Gem of Ardland, Ratburrow
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