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Located on the southwest edge of the landbridge that links two of the largest land masses on Kaos, Allegri and Kriio, Sidrilunder is populated by an odd mix of fae and their mortal descendents. Marking the official end to any land claims by the Allegran Government, Sidrilunder is a rural town comprised mainly of farm-folk who were either born and raised nearby or those from further south who prefer a more grounded lifestyle than that provided by the jungles or more whimsical lives of the fae living among the Fae Court and it's leaders.
Many folk residing here are those who were born into life as an outsider - half-blooded, hybrids, and various kinds of mixed heritages. Despite their familial histories most of these people get along fine in society but never had the opportunity to 'fit in' among human communities. Here they can generally be themselves and contribute in ways that lie outside the norm for other places.


Sidrilunder operates under a type of simple feudalism where individuals or groups have made mutually beneficial or reciprocal arrangements. Mostly based on service-for-goods exchanges, hunters and farmers trade their surpluses for items they can't produce for themselves or luxuries.
In this case, Sidrilunder is special due to the unique natures of its inhabitants. Full-blooded fae are often ageless which has given those residing in the town plenty of time to establish themselves with whatever goals they have in mind. As most are outsiders their efforts have often gone towards building a safe home, stable routines, and a highly social community for those who wish to participate. Even those who recuse themselves socially tend to be involved in other ways by providing a service to the town due to what the work itself provides them.
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