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Raulf Bretel

Gifted Invokheir

Young and incredibly intelligent, Raulf learned while coming into adulthood that certain rules can be bent or even completely ignored if you're clever enough and choose an appropriate time. Taking that concept to a whole new level, Raulf worked diligently to gain the notice of the Dannamore and earn a highly coveted endowment from the academy. Raulf is a well known student and most faculty and other students at least know who he is by reputation. He's a gifted student with a knack for picking up new invokations quickly.

Arcana & Metaphysics


Raulf is especially adept with invokations that do not require material components. His memory and fine motor skills are sufficiently refined to allow him a great deal of precision.

Mental characteristics


Having begun attending courses at the Dannamore academy at a very young age, Raulf is not only well educated but also deeply intelligent. He's gained much more from his education than most and made many clever associations and deductions, especially concerning arcana.
Raulf decided at a very young age that he'd attend the Dannamore Academy. He was so young, in fact, that his parents completely dismissed his drive as youthful excitement. From the age of five he would begin every conversation with the same question; Have you been to the Dannamore tower? It didn't matter if he'd already asked someone the questions because maybe they'd gone to the tower since the last time he'd asked them.


As part of a plan to distract him from his obsession with the Dannamore Academy his parents arranged to have him apprentice as a leatherworker with his distant uncle. Beginning at age six he spent two years fetching things and learning the basics of how to treat and tan leather for use in everything from shoes to saddles.


Social Aptitude

Well liked by those who spend much time in his company at first Raulf is commonly perceived as gruff and introverted. Once they realize he's clever and quietly humourous, most people, especially other students are drawn to him. In a formal sense he is educated in how to behave in social scenes and proper etiquette but his manner is, as he is in most senses, brief and without pomp or vanity.


Spending a great deal of his time peering inward, Raulf is contemplative and extremely still. When speaking he rarely guestures and his expression is frequently bland and inexpressive. At times he's so still even those who know him well believe he's distracted or bored.


Raulf is known for his unusually deep voice and precise choice of words. He prefers to speak as few words as necessary. Not because he dislikes speaking but because he appreciates brevity. Even in his speech he wastes no time on flowery words or explainations.
Current Location
Year of Birth
4108 23 Years old
Current Residence
Narrow, dark brown
Dark brown
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Ruddy tan
Aligned Organization


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