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Vollonite is the backbone of the civilized world.

Magic comes in three forms.
  • Magic found and utilized in crystal form
  • Magic abilities a person is born with. Commonly referred to as Inborn or Changed (in some parts of Aguara).
  • Magical locations throughout the world where magic interacts uncontrollably with the region.
    Magic within the Vollonite remains inert unless acted upon by humans. By engraving a Sigil on the crystal that corresponds to the Reality or Elemental magic desired, any kind of magic can be obtained. Once a Sigil is engraved, the magic must be activated with Life Force through the use of blood letting. Animals are most commonly used to charge/ activate the magic within the crystals, however humans often do as well for payment. Note that usage depletes the crystal’s magic and it will need to be recharged.  

Types of Vollonite

Blue Vollonite - is better for magic of the mind and body, and general better for use in Reality Based magics.
Red Vollonite - is better for magic of the physical world and used for element based magics.
Purple or Marble Vollonite - is a mixture of the two above and is therefore more powerful. Very Rare. It’s only unique use is the creation of Soul Jewels.
Demo Obsidian - created when Vollonite is melted by lava and is rare. It can absorb magic from an Inborn. Used by Royalty and Morendra Mountain residents for Changed/Inborn who’s abilities are too strong for their young age to handle. Their parent wears the obsidian untill they are older. Strength of abilities are normally genetic - type is not.
Dead Blood Stones or False Vollonite - Look very similar to Vollonite when it is not charged, but it has no magic in it at all.

Power Levels

Grade (the quality of the crystal) + Artistry (the efficiency of the sigil) = Power Level
If you have an excellent quality crystal with a passable sigil you’ll probably end up with a power level of 2. Crystal magic can never reach as high as inborn power levels.
Levels from 1 – 3 available.


Material Characteristics

Magic Crystals, called Vollonite, are a variation of carbon based crystals with an included element that stores life energy and remains inert unless acted upon by human consciousness. To store up a charge of life energy, blood must be fed to the crystal through a cut or blood letting.

Physical & Chemical Properties

When Vollonite is charged or activated, it glows in the dominate color of itself. For example, Blue Vollonite will have a blue glow, the intensity of which will indicate how much charge is inside.

Geology & Geography

Vollonite has been found in select mountain ranges around the world.

In the Western Continent, the most common lines of Vollonite fall in the Morendi Mountains. Blue is the most common found along the bottom and middle of the range, with small pockets of red and purple found in the northern part of the mountains.

History & Usage

Everyday use

Step One: Shaping
Raw Vollonite is shipped from the mines to either the Enclave stationed within Irdian City, or to the Aguarian Capital Carran for disbursement to local artisans of the Royal family's choosing.
Vollonite is then inspected to determine it's best use. For example, a large piece of Blue Vollonite would be better suited to an External Movement Sigil and sold to those in construction or shipping.
All crystals must be shaped into a blade, or have a spine, in order to facilitate blood letting. The size and usage of the crystal will determine it's shape.
NOTE: small daggers worn on the hip are very fashionable at the moment for those in the upper class.

Step Two: Blood Letting
To charge or activate the magic within Vollonite, life force must be applied. This is achieved through blood letting. The crystal must create a cut into living flesh. The crystal will then absorb blood, and through it life force, thus charging the magic in the crystal.
Animals are commonly used for blood letting, especially in the fall when butchers hire out their services to charge Vollonite on their too be slaughtered domesticated meat animals.
Humans are also used for blood letting, though depending on the health of the person, they may not be able to provide a full charge without dying. People who volunteer for blood letting are often paid, and it is a job that even the lowest of the low can do to provide for their families. In reality, many unscrupulous people look for drunk and homeless sleeping in the streets at night so that they may get a change without having to pay for it.
As long as death does not occur, there is no long term damage from providing a blood letting. In fact, since the blood is absorbed directly into the crystal there is no mess and the wound heals 100 times faster than any normal cut.   Under the Dukana Empire, the Enclave is in control of shaping, engraving and selling the Crystals throughout the Empire.
In Aguara, Magic Crystal shaping, engraving and selling is done by individual artisans within the capital city.


With Crystal magic there is no side effect on the user. The drain of energy comes from what has been stored inside the crystal, the rate of drain depends on a variety of factors including (but not limited to):
  • The size of the animal or Human the life force comes from,
  • The size of the crystal,
  • The health and energy level of the blood giver at the time of the bleed,
  • The type of magic being used (creating electricity from the store of energy will take more than trying to increase your agility)
Common Designs for carrying charged Vollonite
Designs for Crystal Magic

The 24 Types of Magic Sigils

Reality Based

  • Less
  • More
  • Silence
  • Loud
  • Create Shadows
  • Create Light
  • Future (Precognition)
  • Past (Retrocognition)
  • Of Self (Agility/Speed)
  • Of External (Telekinesis)
  • Speech (Telepathy)
  • Emotion (Empathy)
  • Healing (Regeneration)
  • Strength
  • Command or discover the truth from someone
  • Bind someone to their word

Elemental Based

- control earth; sand, stone, rock, or dirt. Plant life and Metal are not included.
- control the movement of air, which includes generating wind with intense force & lift and carry objects
- Control liquids in shape and form, and generate water by condensing molecules in the air (mist, ice, liquid water)
- generate fire by exciting the kinetic energy of atoms and control the intensity of it
Lightning/ Electricity
- Control the flow of electricity created externally (ex: lighting), and create it from stores in body (strong shock but not enough to kill)
- Control growth patterns of plant life.
- Communicate with animals, birds and even aquatic creatures and (once trust is established) get them to perform tasks on command
- Control and manipulation of minerals and metals in concentrated forms.


Magical Locations

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Jul 22, 2018 05:20

This is why I'm glad we have batteries! That's really neat!   Is the quantity of blood all that determines how much it charges a crystal, health things being equal? If a cow and a person both give the same amount of blood, is that the same charge? :)

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Jul 22, 2018 06:06 by Tina

Yup. That would do it. If they were both healthy then amount would be the determining factor. A large Crystal would need a lot more blood to become fully changed than a smaller crystal, even with the same Sigil. And I like batteries in the Real World too, LOL

Jul 22, 2018 06:07 by Tina

Charged... not Changed.

Jul 22, 2018 07:57 by Benjamin Andula

I have nothing exceptional to say. Except that I'm wondering how these magical properties bind to Blood appeared to the Vollonite. And that I'm happy to see things including "Blood Magic".

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Jul 24, 2018 21:38 by Tina

Magic is powered by Life Force in my world. Blood is the easiest way to get at it. The Magic in Vollonite is inert until it gets some Life Force. And the Sigils channel that magic into something that can be used. And I like blood magic too

Jul 22, 2018 08:39 by Isaac A. Thompson

These sound like such versatile and useful items! I love that you included information on magic in the sidebar. How do people in this world differentiate between normal Vollonite and false Vollonite? And if someone dies while blood letting to charge the crystal, does that affect its strength?

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Jul 24, 2018 21:40 by Tina

Hmmmm I should probably include that. Only Inborn and trained gemologists are actually able to tell the difference. There are slight differences in the structure of the crystal, and someone trained can easily tell the difference. An Inborn doesn't need training, they can just "tell". Thanks for the comment

Jul 22, 2018 09:20 by Andrew

I like this article. Very well written, gives me good insight into what Vollonite is and how it works, and what affinities are involved with it. Great work!

Jul 24, 2018 21:40 by Tina

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