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Dragons are a flying reptilian species, with the ability once fully grown to shift into human form. They lay eggs, normally two to three at a time. One of these will be a girl and the others will be her brother-guards. And at sixteen summers they will learn the ability to change forms. Only the females are able to reproduce, and require a human partner. This means their society is matriarchal.
  In their dragon form they have two stomachs - one for digesting food and the second for digesting Dragongrass to produce flame. There are three different forms of dragongrass which produce flames with different properties.

Dragons on Kaitstud

  While there are many dragons across the seas, there is only one dragon line which lives on Kaitstud. They were given responsibility for the land, along with the Golden Tree in the Secret Dragon Valley at the centre. The Dragon Monarchy ruled for many years, until they were overthrown. Only one dragon, Varvaara, survived unbeknownst to the rest of the humans on Kaitstud.

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