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Golden Tree

The golden tree is the tie between the world of Kaitstud and the world tree. The Great Squirrel gifted the tree to the first dragons in Kaitstud, giving them sovereignty over the land in exchange for their guardianship of the tree. It stands in the Secret Dragon Valley and is the conduit through which magic flows into the land. If it were to be damaged, then magic would be lost within the dragon realm, like it has been in the human realm.
  When each member of the dragon family reaches maturity, and so are able to shift from their dragon form to their human form, they are presented to the tree. This attunes them to the land around them and opens them up to the tree itself.
  The trunk was warm and smooth. Within Birgith felt the tree’s acceptance as it bonded with her. She tried to think in pictures like she did with the forest at home, but that was unnecessary. This tree understood her fears and desires. Everything. It opened her eyes to the world in a way she had never believed possible. She saw the connections between things and the hints of other worlds in the ether. She was aware of every living thing in the environs. She would carry part of that tree with her always, as well as the knowledge it had passed on to her, which would allow her to find her way back to it and the dragon’s valley.

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