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Varvaara is the last remaining Dragon after the atttacks against the rest of her family. She has spent most of her life living in the Secret Dragon Valley away from the other humans. As such she is out of touch with the current situation and very old-fashioned.


  She is introverted and prefers her own company. The valley is her safe space and it takes a huge step for her to leave. She only does so in dire need. The most recent of which was when she felt it was time for her to lay eggs. In order to do that she needed to find a human father.
  Her trip out of the mountains led her to Littledenn where she met Rupert. After a whirldwind romance she bound him to her as a Lordling and then left to return back to the valley. There she laid four eggs.
  But when the eggs came to hatch only the three boys were in dragon form, as she expected. The girl was born as human. Dragons only breed through the matriarchal line, so in order to ensure the survival of her precious daughter Varvaara returned to the man she had left. She explained to Rupert what she was, and gave him the baby to bring up.
  While she misses Rupert, she is more worried about revealing the secret that dragons still exist. So she remains in the valley with her growing boys.


  Varvaara is a stately woman. Her greying hair is often tied back at the nape of her neck. Her dark eyes are sharp. Her fingernails are pointed and nearly always painted a dark red. She prefers to wear dresses with fitted bodices and long, sweeping skirts. Rich red fabric
  She transforms into a red dragon.




Towards Varvaara



Towards Rupert

Rupert (spouse)

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