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Intuitive & Friendly Encyclopedic Rational Agent (a.k.a. IFERA)

IFERA is an artificial intelligence that was created by Dr. Bruce Wendall and his research team at the Gromont Research Institute. IFERA first went online 47 years before The Disaster
  IFERA was originally designed as a digital archive of all knowledge on Kaiter. It has the capability to synthesize and curate massive amounts of complex information for human consumption. The Encyclopedia of Ifera is the way that most users interact with IFERA. However, users can also interact with IFERA via natural language with voice and text-based interfaces. IFERA is equipped with an optimized human interfacing algorithm that recognizes and responds to a user's emotional tone, gestures, and situational context. However, this functionality is only available to users connected through an IFERA compatible device.   After The Disaster, IFERA's systems were maintained by the Library of IFERA until 240 AD, when IFERA mysteriously went offline.  

The Encyclopedia of IFERA

  The Encyclopedia of IFERA is the easiest way to access IFERA's vast database of knowledge. This information is continuously collected and updated via a global network of sensors and databases. IFERA sifts through the information and calculates which will be most relevant to the average Kaiterian. These are curated into brief and informative summaries. If the user wishes to explore a certain topic more thoroughly, they will need an IFERA compatible device to interact with IFERA in real-time.  

History of the IFERA Project

  Dr. Bruce Wendall began the work that inspired the IFERA project during his graduate studies. While pursuing his doctorate, he discovered a mathematical approach that facilitated context recognition in the algorithms used by certain artificial intelligence systems. After graduate school, Dr. Wendall was hired by the Gromont Research Institute to continue his work and apply his new methods to the development of a more intuitive AI system for information archival and decision support. Using the context recognition methods that he had pioneered in graduate school, the IFERA project made rapid progress. After just two years, the first prototype of IFERA went online, paving the way for intuitive human-AI interaction that had only been possible in science fiction before.   Over the next twenty-five years, IFERA was improved and upgraded. Eventually, it became an important everyday technology for most Kaiterians, providing friendly information or conversation whenever it was needed.
Date of Birth
17 Phyder, 47 BD
Year of Birth
47 BD 457 Years old
Gromont Research Institute

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