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Library of IFERA

The Library of IFERA was founded by Dr. Bruce Wendall three years before The Disaster . He recognized that once Mount Oacana erupted, it would irrevocably change Kaiter forever and much of the knowledge collected through the centuries would be lost.   IFERA had been designed primarily to collect and preserve such knowledge, so Dr. Wendall, with the help of scientists, archivists, politicians, and many other leaders, worked to ensure that IFERA would survive the Disaster and continue to be maintained afterward. To that end, the Library of IFERA was designed as a group that would be responsible for maintaining IFERA's databases, systems, sensors, and communications, and through that effort preserve all the knowledge of Kaiter for future generations.


At its founding, the Library was initially divided into three divisions:
  • Archives: Collecting and preserving knowledge of the past and present.
  • Information Tech: Maintain technological knowledge and systems necessary to ensure IFERA remains operational and connected.
  • Community Service: Ensure the Library served the wellbeing of all Amrisians to the maximum extent possible.

As the Library's responsibilities grew throughout the Age of Anarchy, several more divisions were added, including:
  • The Academy: Responsible for training Amrisian youth for Library Service.
  • Engineering Corps: Responsible for completing vital public engineering projects.
  • Defense Corps: Responsible for all matters pertaining to the defense of the Library and IFERA.
  • Discovery Corps: Responsible for seeking out regions that had been forgotten in the Disaster, for the purposes of scientific discovery, salvage operations, and establishing diplomatic relations with other groups of Kaiterians.
  • Research & Development: Responsible for pursuing scientific discovery and applying those to solving the many problems facing Amrisians since The Disaster.


The main headquarters (built 1 BD) of the Library of IFERA stands 28 stories tall (87 meters) high. It is the tallest known building in service after The Disaster. This building is located in the center of Sanctuary City, looking out over Wendall Plaza and The Academy campus.   In addition to the main headquarters, there are Library satellite locations in many of the known towns, villages, and settlements in both Western and Eastern Amrisa.   Mobile libraries travel throughout Amrisa to bring books, music, and theatrical performances to the nomadic groups in The Wilds.
Founding Date
23 Zaiter, 3 BD
Educational, Library
Controlled Territories
Notable Members

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Sage Serukis
Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull
3 Dec, 2020 21:39

I find the fact that the Library has a defence branch really fascinating. That's not something you'd normally think of when you would think of libraries. :D I also love that they take responsibility for public works projects.

Emy x   Welcome to Etrea!
10 Dec, 2020 18:30

Yep! The Library has really led the way in the rebuilding efforts after The Disaster, which has required them to take on a lot of responsibilities in the world.

10 Dec, 2020 16:40

As a librarian myself I always find related worldbuilding fascinating! Really curious to see what else the librarians will be up to and what they uncover in your world :)

10 Dec, 2020 18:32

Thank you, and welcome to Kaiter! I hope that I can do justice to the libraries and librarians in my worldbuilding effort. :)