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Mount Oacana

Mount Oacana is the largest volcanic system on the planet. It is located on the continent of Shinsay, on the southern hemisphere of Kaiter. It consists of a caldera located over a localized hotspot where the magma from the inner core wells up through cracks in Kaiter's mantle, flowing close to the surface and occasionally escaping through the planet's crust in volcanic explosions. It is responsible for the eruptions that led to world changing event known as the Disaster.


Volcanic Activity before The Disaster

  The mountain itself grew up out of several small lava flows over the millennia. After a relatively major volcanic explosion in 237 BD, it continued to exhibit volcanic activity every few months, through explosive hot springs, small lava flows, and other minor geothermal events. Plant and animal life continued to grow in the region, and the towns near the volcano became tourist traps for adventurous people hoping to see a lava flow up close.


Prediction of the Supervolcano Event

  In the years leading up to The Disaster, scientists began trying to model the volcanic activity to be able to predict the geothermal events more accurately. Eventually, a team of scientists shared the data with IFERA, in hopes it would be able to improve upon their model. In addition to forecasting the timings of geothermal activity, IFERA also estimated the magnitude of each event. This led to the prediction of the major supervolcano event would occur in 5 years.


The Disaster

  True to IFERA's prediction, on 14 Erider, 1 BD, the volcano began to release a series of major volcanic explosions and pyroclastic flows in the explosive supervolcano event. First, an eruption column of ash rose over 100 km into the atmosphere, and lava began to flow freely from the mouth of the caldera. Between the pyroclastic flows and explosive energy, most of Shinsay was obliterated in a matter of hours, buried in ash and pulverized rocks. The ash quickly became a planetwide cloud that encircled the planet, leading to The Longest Night. Additional eruptions continued for several days more, though the major damage had already been done, leading Kaiter into an Ice Age and beginning a fight for survival for humans, plants, and animals alike.
Lava flows at Mount Oacana before The Disaster.   Geothermal hot spring near Mount Oacana drew thousands of tourists each year in the century leading up to The Disaster.

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Cover image: Brent Keane


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Sage Serukis
Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull
12 Dec, 2020 13:16

Man, imagine being able to predict the Disaster but not being able to do anything about it. That must have felt awful.   I really like the discussion of activity before the Disaster - sounds like it was a bit of a scary volcano even before then.

Emy x   Welcome to Etrea! Please check out my peculiar plants entry! :)
13 Dec, 2020 20:05

Thanks for the comment! Future articles should explore how people reacted after the prediction, but I'm imagining there was a wide range of reactions!

Rafael Martin
15 Dec, 2020 13:03

A really underappreciated apocalypse scenario! I really like the underline under "the longest night" that briefly explains it on-hover but isn't a clickable article (I--- I was ready to read that too, haha). I GUESS that's a guild feature or did you use some trick for that? It's a really useful feature for worlds with lots of side-information. Back to topic: Strongly agreeing with Serukis. Knowing a desaster happens and not being able to do anything about it must have been horrible for people. But at least some might have had a chance to prepare this way.

15 Dec, 2020 16:03

Thanks for the read!   The underlined tooltip feature is built into WA. You can access it using the BB Code editor by typing something like My text that needs context. I don't think it's a guild feature, so you should be able to try it out. It's a great way to add context for things you haven't written articles for yet.   Speaking of The Longest Night, you will be happy to know that I'm working on an article about it, and hope to have it out in a few days!

15 Dec, 2020 16:05

Wow! I did not know bbcode worked in comments. So, the thing you type for the mouseover tips is the tooltip tag described under Font Wrappers here:

Rafael Martin
16 Dec, 2020 10:07

Following, I don't want to miss that!   OH WOW thank you! I'll totally try it out! I'm new around so have two finished articles and the rest is, uh, a mess from summer camp and barely any important articles exist. Makes it difficult to mention names without making it a confusing read so this feature should be really really helpful! No idea how I missed that! Thank you! :D