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Tipsy Rabbit

Close to the lakeside in Aquarin stands a shabby, unkempt building that is almost a shack. It is a pub, and it is well known among those who need to know. It is the Tipsy Rabbit.   The Rabbit is not known because of its fine drink or sumptuous food. Rather, sources say, it is the front for a highly successful smuggling ring in Troyso. One need only knock on the back door, give the correct password ("bumblebee" as of this writing), and entry is permitted to the inner sanctum.   Here, one can arrange for their goods to be smuggled out of the country, or perhaps trade for illicitly imported goods for yourself. The Tipsy Rabbit is part of a network of such establishments surrounding Lake Pilnola, but it is the headquarters of the operation, the office of the formidable Maeve the Shark, herself. With luck, one doesn't have to deal with Maeve directly, but rather one of her crew.   The ring's primary trade is two-fold. They smuggle Brittlecairn Wool down the river, out to sea, and out of the country, and then bring hard liquors in, and disperse it across the lake and around the kingdom. Hard booze is highly taxed by the King, so it is a good way for the smugglers to make a profit. Likewise, the Company of Merchant Adventurers has been levying high fines on anyone not selling their exports through the Company, so there is a profit to be made here, as well. Brittlecairn wool is highly prized in other countries, and they pay good prices.   In fact, the word is getting around among shepherds that there is another way to get their goods to market than use the Merchant Adventurers. It is now a common sight to see shepherds laden with wool heading for the Tipsy Rabbit.
Pub / Tavern / Restaurant
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