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Sylriotes (ˈSIHL-ree-oats)

The Order of the Communion of Sylrie

The Sylriotes, or more formally, the Order of the Communion of Sylrie, were a splinter sect of the main Temple of Sylrie in Shandalar. It was founded by Elf Eldrin Quimaris after a trip to Naexi and the Nalruthian Jungle introduced him to the drug Metzla. At its height, the sect never had more than several dozen worshippers, but they were known to be extremely devoted.  

Eldrin Quimaris

  Born and raised in Shandalar, the youngest of five, Eldrin Quimaris was promised to the Temple of Sylrie at an early age. A mediocre student of religion, the young Elf spent many years as an acoylte before finally being promoted to a low-ranking priest at the age of one hundred and seventeen. He was immediately transferred to the newly-established temple in the outpost of Naexi to assist the High Priestess there.  


  While in Naexi, Eldrin encountered a young Elf of the Songado tribes. This is where he first heard of Metzla, a mixture of a local pollen and the Songadoan drink, Tasar, and became determined to try it. The idea of being able to commune directly with the goddess he was supposed to be serving was too tempting to pass up. The Songado youth was able to locate some Illithor pollen and traded it to the priest for a simple set of hand-blown glass goblets.  

The First Rite

  Eldrin was able to mix his own version of Metzla with some wine and the pollen he had obtained. He later claimed to his followers to have had no trepidation about taking the potent drug, and said that the visions he received through the resulting dream-trance changed his life forever. Eldrin believed he had made direct contact with the goddess Sylrie, who had charged him with setting up a new way of worship.  

The Early Temple

  Elated, Eldrin began making plans to obtain more of the drug on a regular basis, and started trying to recruit followers among both laity and clergy with his tales of vivid dreams and a goddess so beautiful that it caused near pain to look at her. At first, he made little headway, until he slipped some Illithor pollen into his high priestess' wine. The experience shook her to her core, and she began supporting Eldrin in his crusade.  

The Temple in the City

  After a few years, Eldrin took his leave of the small town of Naexi, and brought a number of his devotees to Shandalar. It was more expensive to obtain the drugs, requiring greater sacrifice from the faithful, but there they were more likely to find new followers to lighten the burden. Despite condemnation from his home temple, Eldrin was able to set up shop in a small building in the merchant quarter, and began calling himself a High Priest of Sylrie.  

The Metzla Collapse

  As the Illithor pollen that made up the base of Metzla was overharvested to meet general demand, the drug became more and more expensive, until finally the orchid became extinct, and the supply vanished entirely. Without the drug, Eldrin had nothing to offer his people. Some stayed on out of loyalty, but once he lost the lease for the temple building, even the most devoted followers left him. Eldrin attempted to reconcile with the main temple, but was shunned. The former priest slipped into obscurity and disappeared.

In Dreams, Truth

1295 - 1283

Religious, Sect
Alternative Names
The Order of the Communion of Sylrie
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Parent Organization
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Rites and Dogma

  The belief system of the Sylriotes was simple. One ingested the goddess-given Metzla in order to travel directly to the realm of Sylrie and bring back messages to the rest of the congregation. Three worshippers would be randomly selected for this honor, along with High Priest Eldrin. The remaining devotees would watch over the sleeping forms, and then record the dreams that they recounted. Overdoses were not uncommon, but the faithful never wavered.

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