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Nalruthian Jungle (nahl-ˈROO-thee-an)

At its greatest extent, approximately 1400 BW, the Nalruthian Jungle stretched from the Iron Mountains across the Jade River and more than halfway to the Everlasting Mountains. It reached from the southern ocean through Glaerhiel, Arana, Ochua, Aswarn, Asnium and into parts of Montlimar and Shiabia.   A vast rainforest, it contained trees that stretched up 140 feet tall to form a continuous canopy. Beneath its shelter lived hundreds of thousands of plant, animal, bird, and insect species. The tree cover was so thick that the floor of the jungle was incredibly dark and gloomy. Rainfall averaged between 65 and 78 inches a year.   Among those who called the jungle home were at least six sapient ethnic tribes that lived in tandem with the wilderness around them. The major groupings were the Qhoorra Aarakocra, the Otatyr Lizardfolk, the Mirkent Lizardfolk, the Wild Rain Tabaxi, and the Songado Elves. They learned to avoid the jungle's dangers and harvest its wealth. The soil of the jungle was too poor for farming, so they relied mostly on hunting and gathering to obtain what they needed to survive.   The Omaceran Empire, which claimed all the territory of the Nalruthian during its heyday, spent much manpower and gold extracting valuable resources such as hardwoods, medicinal herbs, and recreational drugs. They often butted heads with the local tribes about how to manage the jungle's bounty.   Massive deforestation drove the jungle back, destroying many species of plant and animal. Logging as well as burning to clear fields and pastures claimed most of the trees and those who lived in and around them. Today the jungle occupies only a small portion of Arana and Eastern Glaerhiel.

Natural Resources

  • Lumber
  • Medicinal herbs
  • Exotic furs
  • Exotic feathers
  • Exotic leathers
  • Exotic pets
  • Fish & Meats
  • Fruits & Vegetables
  • Mazatl Tree Sap
  • Illithor Pollen
  • Incense
  • Honey
  • Cocoa


  • Nalruthian Jungle
    The Nalruthian Jungle at its greatest extent, approx. 1400 BW
Owning Organization
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