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Naexi (nai-ˈEHX-zee)

Originally set up as a small outpost to extract goods from the Nalruthian Jungle, Naexi grew to a prosperous trading center primarily due to the Metzla drug trade. When that trade collapsed, the town quickly vanished.   Chartered as a trade post by Emperor Nyvorlas Olanan Lazirica in 1349 BW, the town was founded in the outskirts of the jungle two years later. Its primary purpose was actually as a lumber camp to provide fine woods to the capitol, but also to make contact with the Songado elves living within the jungle and attempt to establish good relations with them.   In 1297 BW, a priest of Sylrie, Eldrin Quimaris, was visiting the tavern of the outpost, when he met with a Songado elf and began a conversation that lasted many drinks. The Songadoan told him of a special drink used by their shamans to access the dreamworld directly. As Sylrie was goddess of the night trance as well as the moon, Eldrin was intrigued, and asked the Songadoan to acquire some of this drink for him. The Songadoan said he could not, as the shamans guarded it closely, but he knew of the pollen that made the drink potent, and could try to find some, if Eldrin made it worth his while. In that small conversation, the Metzla drug trade was formed.   Within a year, Naexi was doing heavy business selling the rare but strong pollen of the Illithor Orchid that was the core of Metzla. Merchants would make the journey to buy it at steep prices, only to turn around and auction it off for far more to the religious sect that had now grown up around the drug, or nobles looking for entertainment. By the end of the year, a luxury tax was placed on the pollen by the Emperor, but Naexi still saw incredible profits.   The outpost grew into a full-sized town within five years, as the drug boom fueled building and settlement. The jungle was cut back so that the town could expand outside the palisade, and merchants of all sorts settled in the town with their families. A thriving trade hub had been established.   As less and less Illithor plants were pollinated, the availability of Metzla declined steeply, until finally the orchid became apparently extinct, at least within reach of Naexi. With the bottom falling out of of the Metzla market so suddenly, the economic shock reverberated throughout the town. Caravans still came for the lumbers, and other exotic goods from the Nalruthian, but the major moneymaker was gone, and was not coming back.   Naexi experienced a rapid and inevitable decline as the money dried up and the borders of the jungle got pushed farther and farther away from the town. Inhabitants slowly began relocating farther east, closer to the jungle edges. By 1267 BW, the town had been completely abandoned.


At its height, Naexi had approximately:
Children: 360
Adults: 975
Elderly: 165


Naexi had a town mayor who controlled all decisions about the town.


Naexi had three major districts, the residential area, the market district, and the industrial/forestry district.


All the buildings as well as the palisade were made from native woods, but in the Omaceran decorative style.


Naexi was situated next to the Ayal Ilyvre, which flows down through the Nalruthian jungle. Originally, the trading town was set up about 500 yards inside the jungle, itself, but logging and other activities pushed the jungle border back past the town.

1267 BW

Founding Date
1347 BW
Trade post
Inhabitant Demonym
Owning Organization

Natural Resources

  • Lumber
  • Medicinal herbs
  • Exotic furs
  • Exotic feathers
  • Exotic leathers
  • Exotic pets
  • Fish & Meats
  • Fruits & Vegetables
  • Mazatl Tree Sap
  • Illithor Pollen
  • Incense
  • Honey
  • Cocoa

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