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Investiture of the Prince of Calmarnock (caul-ˈMAHR-nok)

By Xedes, and Nytris, and all the gods of Ocith, do I, Raizza, Princess of Calmarnock, swear my fealty to you, to be your faithful servant, and to protect with all my abilities, from now until death.
— Crown Princess Raizza, Cragstone, 1259 NE
  The title of Prince or Princess of Calmarnock, an ancient principality in the western portion of Troyso, is bequeathed by tradition to the Heir Apparent. This is usually the first born child, although if the King or Queen goes without an heir for a long time, the title may be granted to a sibling or cousin, at least temporarily.   The investiture takes place outside of Coldmere in Lanercost, at an ancient cairn known as Cragstone where warleaders were raised in the past. The ceremony is simple, requiring the Heir Apparent to be invested with all the regalia of the Heir, before swearing fealty to the reigning Monarch. Often there are brief speeches by the ruler and heir. The regalia is simple, consisting of a sword, a scepter, and a coronet.   While the traditional Duchy of Brittlecairn is bequeathed to the Heir Apparent at birth, the title Prince of Calmarnock is not automatically granted. Usually the ceremony is postponed until the Prince or Princess is old enough to take part in it, and to ensure that the child is healthy enough that no childhood illness or lack of facility will cause their early death.  
It's always good to see the old Cragstone being used in the proper fashion. Good, old blood, the Deepwalkers, and that's a fact.
— Heldon Truestar, Coldmere Butcher
  The locals of the old principality of Calmarnock have a mixed response at this reminder of the royal household's origins. Some are thrilled to be remembered, especially the folks in Brittlecairn who are close to their tribal roots still. Farther away, in the city of Arnistino, for example, the name "Calmarnock" does not carry the same sentimental weight, as they have become more metropolitan in outlook.   In the rest of the country, there is growing disapproval about the continued use of the title. Some feel it is an anacronism to keep using the old warlord title. There are also many who resent the constant focus on Brittlecairn and the surrounding lands. They wish to feel more included, and to celebrate as a whole, as opposed to dividing it into ancient princedoms. There has been a call to abolish the practice in recent years, spearheaded by the Duke of Chiador, the last of the duchies to be joined to .


  Composed of the duchies of Dangarnon, Carcoswald, and Brittlecairn, Calmarnock was once a loose federation of tribes. The tribal leaders would vote for a war leader in times of strife, and they were know as the Prince or Princess of Calmarnock. The last Prince of Calmarnock decided in this way was Tralduth Seaspire, during the War of the False Prophet.   When Tralduth was dying after a battle, he had his grown son, Ramun, brought to his bedside. There, he invested Ramun with the rank of Prince of Calmarnock. This was the first time a war leader's title had been passed on in such a way, and not by popular acclaim of the tribes. As they were already in the midst of a war, and Ramun was a capable and popular leader, the tribes of Calmarnock rallied around him.   When Ramun became King Ramun I, he had his eldest son, Crown Prince Stronvar, invested with the title of Prince of Calmarnock. This caused some grumbling, as there was no war, so no need of a war leader. Plus, no one in the now-united tribes of had been asked for their opinion, as was customary. By the time King Stronvar invested his son, Taldor I, with the title, the people had begun to accept the new tradition. The fact that these investitures still occurred at Cragstone helped a great deal with the transition.   Today, the position of Prince of Calmarnock does not hold any military or legal powers. It is merely a formality that the Seaspires in their time, and now their cousins the Deepwalkers, keep as a tradition, and a reminder of their ancestry.   The most recent Heir Apparent to be invested with the title was Crown Princess Raizza in 1259 NE.

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