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A small town carved into the rock face of the Valley, a few small buildings dotted around it.   The centre point is a large church cut in to the very centre of the rock face, its towering entrance standing tall above the town.


Arnak humans and dragonborn, a small number of Kayemba and Tebtai, along with some Lizardfolk and Khenra.


Valta is a protectorate of Raha , and Valta's reeve answers to the Raha Vizier.   Raha attempts to maintain good relationships with the people of Valta, as the ore Valta produces is vital to maintaining both the masons and the forges of Raha.


Valta is protected by Raha Guard who are posted in the town. They serve predominantly to protect trade between Valta and Raha, and to deal with petty crime within the town.


Valta is a mining town. Ore is mined from the nearby mountains in the Valta Quarry, and taken along the Valley Pass to Raha, often guarded by a small number of Raha Guard.   Valta‚Äôs more temperate weather allows it to grow a lot of food in its farms, which is also exported to Raha.


Many buildings are carved in to the cliffs of the Valley Pass, the largest being the House of the Many, a complex composed of multiple churches along with a town hall.


Landmarks within the town include the House of the Many, and the Pash Mining Compound.   The popular Merk Dongal's tavern is situated in Valta, along with the Rooted Reed inn.

Guilds and Factions

The King's Institution of Arcane Protectors and the Hidden Pyramid both have a presence in Valta.


The majority of Valta's buildings are carved in to the large cliff face that looks over it. Others sit under the shadow of the cliff, joined by cloth canopies that provide shade to those roaming the streets.   The buildings are of the typical Arnak style, square, stone buildings with flat roofs.   The settlement looks quite similar to the Cliff Palace of the Mesa Verde.


Valta is not as arid as settlements further west of it. The most southern edge is relatively lush grassland, interspersed with fields and orchards, whereas the far end is dryer, slowly warping in to desert.

Natural Resources


Inhabitant Demonym
Owning Organization
Kingdom of Arnak

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