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Qooyora Urifir

Lady Qooyora Urifir

A young Tebtai ranger, estranged from her family and past, now living in Valta.   Qooyora is a spindly, quiet and reclusive Tebtai ranger. She has piercing gold irises and wears a cloak of long hanging strands, resembling a weeping willow. Qoyora is occasionally employed by the Raha Guard to help them navigate the surrounding wilderness.   Qoyora left home as a young girl, having had never got along with her cruel father or stupid brother.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Qooyora is the eldest daughter of Lord Buandai Urifir . She left Tebtai at a young age, disenfranchised with courtly life. She was welcomed by the people of Valta, and makes a living there working as a ranger.   Qooyora is typically employed for hunting and foraging, as well as aiding adventurers (and occasionally the Raha Guard) in their travels outside the town's limits.


Qooyora utilises her impressive skills as a marksman as a ranger for hire.

Current Location
High elf
Year of Birth
1476 DR 26 years old
Piercing gold
Long shimmering blonde
Skin Tone
Pale white

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