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Dragonborn are a race of dragon-like humanoid, believed to all have hailed from the land of Arnak. In the modern day, the vast majority are found in Besol, but some can be found on the continent of Jaerun.

Basic Information


Dragonborn stand on average around 6'2" – 6'8" (1.88–2.03 meters), impressively tall with a heavy weight to match, commonly possessing a mass of 220–320 lbs (100–145 kg).   Dragonborn feet ended with three strong talon-like claws with a fourth claw in the back, while their hands were similar with three claws with a thumb replacing the rear claw. A dragonborn's head featured a blunt snout, a strong brow, and reptilian frills on the cheeks and ears. On the back of the head, a crest of hornlike scales formed what resembled a mess of ropy hair. Dragonborn eyes were usually red or gold in hue.   Their scales vary in colour, which are believed to be influenced by the individual's draconic ancestry.

Genetics and Reproduction

Dragonborn, unlike dragons, give birth to live young. It has been known for dragonborn to successfully reproduce with humans; their offspring born as either phenotypically human or dragonborn. No record exists of a hybrid being born.

Growth Rate & Stages

Dragonborn grow at a rapid rate, much faster than most other races, reaching the equivalent maturity of a human child of 10 by age 3.   After this, their rate of maturation slows dramatically, their bodies reaching adult height and appearance at age 12. Not all dragonborn developed a breath weapon but those that did usually obtained it during these years of growth.   Dragonborn are still expected to mature mentally however, and are taught to respect and hone their natural strengths.

Civilization and Culture


Dragonborn are believed to have created by Kakoht during the Erstespring, fusing the blood of dragons with the humans he found on the continent of Besol.   As such, the vast majority of dragonborn believe they are descendants of dragons. As such, it is often insinuated that a dragonborn's scales are capable of revealing information about their ancestor (since dragonborn match the scale colour of their parents). For instance, red dragonborn are said to descend from Diamund, and gold from Tebat.

Average Height
6'2" – 6'8"
Related Ethnicities

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