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The Arnak are the main ethnic group that dwell within the Kingdom of Arnak, they are composed of humans and dragonborn.   The relationship between the two races is very strong, and beside physical appearance, little separates them. It tends to be the case that Arnak humans have a slightly greater interest in engineering, with the dragonborn more intrigued by magic, but this is not always so.

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Nefere, Mere, Tenesy, Weribu

Masculine names

Namare, Munebi, Amut, Messe, Seth

Family names

Psi, Merety, Siri, Itret, Inawer, Atnetet, Ra, Nebesu, Sekh, Henub, Bold


Shared customary codes and values


  • Hold magic to a high regard, believe in the power of natural, “god-given” magic, that which was “given” to them by Kakoht.
  • Proud of their history, look back to their Ancient Empire with joy and wistfulness.
  • Being now mostly desert, the Arnak understand the importance of a good harvest, and spend a great deal of time and effort in ensuring their crops are as successful as possible. As such, they also have a great knowledge of irrigation. Furthermore, some of the richest and most powerful Arnak are those that control and own farmland.
  Royalty & Democracy
  • Most Arnak respect and revere the King, believing that his position is rightly deserved. They look up to royalty and seek to emulate them. The fact that the Arnak vote for their local Vizier’s quells most of the criticism against the King, as the people are told they can all have a say in how their local areas are run. However, the elections are rarely fair, with the wealthiest and most influential figures in an area having a great advantage, and often with only city-dwellers capable of voting.
  • The Arnak have a strict and well adhered to rule of law, which they believe maintains their society, a free and fair judiciary is believed to be vital. As such, many Arnak revere Chansa. This proves problematic, as the Treaty of the Contested Realms makes the worship of Chansa illegal in Arnak. This proves to be a difficult paradox for many of the Arnak to overcome.

Common Dress code

Long, flowing cloaks, are common, designed to provide protection from sand. These may also be worn with headscarves when travelling.   Arnak clothing is often accented with blue and gold colouring. If one can afford jewellery, bangles, necklaces and headdresses are popular in these colours.

Art & Architecture

The Arnak favour low, pale stone buildings, typically with flat roofs.   They are famous for their large pyramids, which are often employed to house important buildings with large cities. They are inspired by the pyramids of the Ancient Arnak, which were said to be used as burial sites.

Coming of Age Rites

The native races of Arnak; the humans and dragonborn physically mature at very different rates, but it is at 16 that an individual is expected to either start work or begin study. At this age, they might move out from the family home, living within the grounds of the institution they are training or studying at, or with the craftsman they are apprenticing under. Most Arnak live with their parents or tutors until they are capable of affording their own domicile.

Major organizations


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