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High elves with a remarkable intelligence, many of whom become cunning academics, economists and political strategists.   The Tebtai are mostly ground by their class system. Whilst many believe that they are capable of climbing a social ladder, it is typically only the wealthy that can afford to study at universities or leave their family home. Occasionally however, thanks to random twists of fate, noble houses can fall, and new ones may rise up to replace them.   In a way, much life revolves around the pursuit of wealth or knowledge accumulation. Even those in the lowest economic classes of Tebtai society are farming, gathering, mining and forging materials that will be used to further the accumulation of wealth and knowledge.

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Enrel, Dyra, Elgun, Bryxisys, Touktai

Masculine names

Khage, Sarric, Bine, Craris

Family names

Umedan, Boji, Liara, Yelnan, Chama, Ravatris


Major language groups and dialects

The Tebtai, being a nation of elves, speak Elven.

Shared customary codes and values

Technology, Research and Progress

  • The Tebtai believe that through study, one succeeds. Most of their mages are wizards, as they feel that magic must be researched and deeply understood, not intuited. Tebtai give great deals of time and money to researching new technologies, both mundane and magical, in an attempt to be “constantly advancing”.
  Consideration and Planning
  • Rarely do Tebtai rush to make decisions. The Tebtai are tacticians, strategists and philosophers who deeply consider their decisions before they make them, after all, they have the life span to allow for patience. The Tebtai view rushed decisions and “following the heart” as a sign of stupidity. The Tebtai military reflect this, a meticulously trained army with flawless tacticians leading them.
  • The Tebtai tend not to share. Coupling the notions that every man must bring himself to success, and that knowledge is of incredible value, the Tebtai arrive at the knowledge that they must guard what they own until they are in a position where it cannot be taken from them.
  Individualism and Meritocracy
  • The Tebtai believe that through hard work and due diligence, even a peasant can rise to the top of society. Whether this is true or not is up for debate, but most Tebtai staunchly stand by this outlook.

Encompassed species
Related Organizations
Languages spoken

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