The Soulless Genocide

The Soulless Genocide was a complete massacre taken against the Arakeanee by the Cimmerians. It was the first step that the Cimmerians took during the Cimmerian Invasion and was the event that prompted for the next era to be named Era of the Cimmerians (1 EC).

The Conflict


Unbeknownst to many is why the Cimmerians targeted the Arakeanee. At the time, the Arakeanee was one of the most peaceful groups of people in Jiwenia and had no real conflict with the Cimmerian. What is known is that the Cimmerians targeted the Arakeanee and shocked an entire planet. The planet went quiet as the deed took place and when the deed was done. Many believed that the two groups had an inner conflict that no other group knew of. Though not wholly impossible, it hardly satisfied anyone’s curiosity.   It is at least known that the Cimmerians had planned such an attack for some time due to them attacking numerous Arakeanee tribes at the same time. Hat’ein is the darkest month, allowing Cimmerians a greater range of power. It is also far too magically charged, causing most of those who practiced said magic to be vulnerable due to the chaotic nature of the month. All of this meant that it was perfect for what the Cimmerians had in mind.


No one saw such a swift attack coming and many believed that it was simply a skirmish between Cimmerian and Arakeanee. This casual mindset led to the fall of most of the kingdoms. The Cimmerians, giving no explanation, did not immediately attack anyone else and seemed to accept the punishment that would come with their actions. Before anything could be done, they led their next campaign against all the kingdoms.


The Arakeanee population was decimated. The number of Arakeanee left were corralled into two groups that were placed on different kingdoms, Paisa and Aardeaon. The remaining Arakeanee became slaves, always underneath the eye of their oppressors. This was not the only take away though. Due to Cimmerian taint, the land that the Arakeanee were forced onto quickly became tainted and many did not survive the taint. Over time, generations became more resistant and able to stomach the tainted food that they ate but they were forever changed.
Included under Conflict
Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Start Date
1 EC, Hat'ein
Ending Date
1 EC, Smoten
Conflict Result
Cimmerians came out victorious; Arakeanee population decimated


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