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Winding Trees

Predominantly found in the Ivendarean Mainland's southern swamps the Winding Trees have for millennia been an essential part of Veerali life and culture. This secluded ethnic subgroup of the Nyr lives in tune with nature, the Winding Trees provide a home for them like no other plant species in Ivendarea could.

Basic Information

Growth Rate & Stages

With a growth rate of up to 2 centimetres a day during the dry season the Winding Trees are one of the fastest growing species of Ivendarea. New saplings sprout all year round from the ever spreading network of roots and within a year reach a length of 8 metres and a diameter of 10 centimetres. They are very receptive to magical influences, too, which can speed up the growth process even further.

Ecology and Habitats

Winding Trees are at home in the warm and humid south, adjusted to the strong rainfalls by their deep-reaching roots and water-repelling bark.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

The Veerali are known to shape the Winding Trees during their growth - which in the first place led to them being called "Winding Trees". If left alone, the Winding Trees will actually grow mostly straight up, eventually bending down under their own weight, snapping in half, or simply stop growing after reaching a height of 5-8 metres. If treated by the Veerali though they can grow to lengths of 15 metres and more. To shape the trees' direction in growth, the Veerali partly use magic, partly tie the trees to elaborate scaffolding, or tie trees to each other, bending around curves and spirals. The trees are grown into the shapes of the traditional Veerali tree houses, furniture, and even boats, all naturally grown.   Furthermore, due to their fast growth rate, the broken off and withered pieces of Winding Trees are used as firewood for cooking, for crafting purposes, find their way into the Veerali's clothing, instruments, tools, and more.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Southern Ivendarea (Mainland)

Average Length
15 metres

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