Emperor of the Efinian Empire

His Imperial Majesty, Emperor of the Efinian Empire, the hereditary Count of Efinia, Overlord of the North and Protector of the Realm Wilhelm IV Weinberg
— Titles of the current emperor

The Emperor is the highest authority in the Efinian Empire. He has the final say in all maters of state and foreign relations. No one in the empire would even think about disobeying an imperial order.

Since the formation of the empire, the title of emperor has been in the hands of the House of Weinberg. Throughout history they were known as good, benevolent, but also firm and sometime cruel rulers. Those traits allowed the Weinbergs to keep the Empire intact and strong for centuries.

Nobility, Hereditary
Form of Address
His Imperial Majesty
Alternative Naming
Emperor, Efinian Emperor, Emperor of Efinia
Length of Term
First Holder
Current Holders

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