Nicolette Beaulieu

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Late Empress Nicolette Albertine Beaulieu (a.k.a. The Changer Empress)

Nicolette Beaulieu was an extra character of the story "A Knight's Legacy", an original fantasy story by Cedar Lowell. She was the late Empress of Skayton, having died 32 years before the start of the story. She was responsible for many reforms to the Empire of Skayton over the course of her reign. These reforms included a redesign of the Empire Rial to help prevent fraud, the implementation of a higher minimum wage, and the building of the Sunrise Prairie Pub and Inn, which was designed to lessen the gap between the upper, middle, and lower classes although it largely failed in its attempt to do so.





Armel Beaulieu nee Gros


Towards Nicolette Beaulieu

Nicolette Beaulieu


Towards Armel Beaulieu nee Gros

423 AF 1290 AF 867 years old
Biological Sex
Assigned Female at Birth

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