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The Founders

FAMILY TREE NOT AVAILABLE The first and oldest Gods to exist in the world, with only the All-Maker themselves being their elder. The Founders were created at the beginning of the world, where they proceeded to govern the fundamental aspects of life on Itaxia.   The Founders are by far the most powerful Gods, due to their sheer age and the fact that almost every sentient mortal being venerates them in one way or another. It is also due to the fact they represent the fundamental physical aspects of life: life and death, the sun and moon, light and dark, and so on.

Mythology & Lore

When the world of Itaxia was little more than a chaotic, writing mass of land, a single mote of golden light came into being. This mote of light would later be known as the All-Maker, the Primordial Creator-God of Itaxia. Stepping from the light and forming themselves from the world around it, stepped the Primeval Gods; divine beings blessed with control over fundamental aspects of the world. Despite being only seconds old, the Primeval Gods were said to possess wisdom and power that was incomprehensible to what few lifeforms dwelled in the Primordial World.   The Primeval Gods went to war with the Elemental Lords, the primordials who laid claim to the world. After the Lords' defeat and banishment, the Primeval Gods were given an instruction: remake the world, and let new life flourish.   To that end, the Primeval Gods are nowadays split into four groups of 2:
  • Eas and Taros, the twins of Life and Death
  • Solarea and Lunara, the Sisters of the Sun and Moon
  • Zephyr and Danaea, the Creators of the Land, Seas, and Sky
  • Astela and Moradin, the shapers of the mortals
Notably, Serenity and Neresa are absent from these pairings. In the past Serenity did have a direct sibling: the now-dead Null, the Watcher of the Void. Like Serenity, Null was an unimaginably kind God who was dedicated to protecting the world; where Serenity created the bounds that would define the Inner Planes, Null protected it from the horrors of the Great Void. Like Serenity, Null's kindness was his both greatest strength and his greatest weakness, and would eventually lead to Null's death during the Age of Light, leaving Serenity to be largely isolated from her kin now that she had lost her twin.

Cosmological Views

After the War of the Dawn, the world of Itaxia was entirely reshaped by the Primeval Deities. Before, the world was little more than a churning mess of the elements, but the ten Primevals begun to shape it into the early form of what it is now.   Zephyr and Danaea begun to shape the malleable land to form massive continents, and filled the empty space with the immense seas.   Astela and Moradin drew on the immense energies that had been left from their fights with the Primordial Titans, and began to create the first beings to walk the lands; Astela would craft the first of the Eldar from pure light, while Moradin would shape his Stenn from pure stone.   Solarea and Lunara created lights to shine upon the world; Solarea created the shining sun to monitor the day, while Lunara would look upon the land with her two eyes, which were shaped into the moon. The two siblings would bicker as to who lit the world the best, a conflict that rages on to this day.   Eas and Taros imparted the concepts of life and death into the beings that would soon walk this land; not only giving them an appreciation for life, but teach them that life's end was something to be rejoiced, not feared.   Null and Ymir would set to protecting the world from threats. Null travelled to the peak of the world, where he would keep the Great Void at bay from encroaching into this young world; Ymir carved powerful runes into the very fabric of the world, to separate the material world from other planes that would soon form.

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