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Itaxia is the single world orbiting the shining sun Solarea. The world, though small and simple in size, has been home to a great legacy and history of heroes and villains, adventures old and new, and powerful empires and cults both great and small. The world has seen both great miracles and immense catastrophe, with nations and empires rising and falling. In ancient times, the world had seen the rise and fall of entire races and even Gods. The early world was once ravaged by hordes of terrifying and abominable demons, and the Gods that ruled over them; then by ancient and powerful Dragons that threatened to turn the early mortals of the world into little more than food.   Easily the most well-known ancient empire - the Starlight Ascendancy of the extinct Eldar race - was a world-spanning technological and arcane powerhouse in its day over 5,000 years ago. They reached technological and magical heights that have not been matched since, with some saying they had managed to venture out of the Material Plane and beyond. However, its peoples' hubris and overconfidence lead to the very same people they oppressed taking back control of the Earth, wiping out the Ascendancy and many of their technological advancements.   After the Ascendancy's fall came the birth of the Ascended, six mortal beings who - through their own strength of deeds and character - would ascend to Godhood, proving to the mortals that they represented that, yes, truly infinite power was not only possible, but attainable to those who believed. The joy felt across the world from the rise of the Ascended was eventually snuffed out, however. Lolth, the Spider Queen and goddess of the Drow, had ventured to Itaxia's underworld to free the Spurned Gods, those who threatened the safety of the world itself.   Since the end of the Second War of the Gods, there was a period of lasting peace and discovery, as people from across races and borders would unite to shape the world into the earliest versions of what it is today. This peace would be shattered, however, over a thousand years before the present day, by the actions of a single woman: Mana, a single Elven mage wishing to revitalise the might of her race, would accidentally break the very foundation of magic forever, and ascend to Godhood in the process.   In the modern day, a thousand years after the creation of the Goddess Mana, the world languishes in what is known as the Age of Dusk, named after the Dawnstar - Itaxia's second sun, said to be a vessel for the creator-god of the world - shattered, causing faith in the Gods to be at an all-time low. The people of the world are feeling alone, as if the world as they know it is slowly falling apart, and the world itself is becoming slowly but surely more dangerous...