WorldEmber 2021 Pledge

Of all the words that have yet to be written, therein can be found the most important... and the most mundane.
  Time to pledge this year's 10k! WorldEmber is going to be very, very interesting for me this year. Endwalker, the next major expansion in FFXIV's history, releases on December 3rd. This will be my most major focus in December and on, far more so than WorldEmber. Still, I've got my worldbuilding goals at the ready for when I have time.  
  Notably, I want to get down details on a few countries in Takawaoku, where my players are currently travelling. I also want to fill in a number of the gaps left out of the places they're very familiar with - the Aletheian Empire still doesn't have a complete article, and that's the most major nation in the campaign! This coming year, I want to work on tightening up those gaps and making sure I have the base nations filled out before I do too much work elsewhere, and WE is going to be a big part of that.  

Prompts for the Prompt Gods

So, some prompts...  

  • Write about a nation twisted by the influence of powerful beings.
  • Write about a nation split by night and day.
  • Write about the meanings an empire gives to colours.
  • Write about an item passed through generations of a family.
  • Write about an item that has been beyond death.
  • Write about a place scarred by natural disaster.
  • Write about a place created from destruction.
  • Write about a place designed to hide something away.
  • Write about an item gifted by the gods.
  • Write about a nation entwined with the Hells.
  • Write about a character who broke out of their assigned fate.
  • Write about a character who became an accidental hero.
  • Write about a character who fell from grace.

  Let's see if I can finish any of these...


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28 Nov, 2021 18:47

Best of luck during World Ember and have lots of fun! You'll smash that 10k goal, I'm certain of it. ^^

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28 Nov, 2021 19:09

WORLDEMBER TIIIIIIIIIME!!! Good luck with your goals for WorldEmber this year :D you've got this!

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30 Nov, 2021 00:11

Good luck! :D I'm sure you'll do great!