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  Sareshan is a nation in southeastern Takawaoku that has long since struggled against the searing heat that plagues it, especially in its western borders. The majority of its population hugs the coastline, ignoring the polluted waters from the Scalded Plateau as best they can, or tries to exist in the challenging realms of the Thalachor Depths.   The nation was reportedly established by adherents of the sun deity Sarenrae, who saw the land flourish with verdant life and bountiful waters. It was already beginning to fail prior to the Second Divine War, and the war's effects were the final straw - they flooded the Plateau with filth, saw its rivers turn brown, and drove cooling rains far from its inner shores. The Worldrend only made matters worse.   Nowadays, Sareshan clings to its identity and beliefs out of savage hope, with little mercy for nations that would encroach on their dry soil.
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