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I'm not entirely sure it's somewhere that can be accessed through standard Euclidean geometry. Or general forms of dimensional travel, really. I've never questioned the odd sensation of travelling to it, but you can't say you've never wondered where exactly it is.
— whispers from the darkness
  Just as the Eagle's Shadows remain a mystery to all, so does their base. Known simply as Impossibility to most members, the immense citadel is a central location that serves as a repository of the organisation's knowledge and talents - or at least a means to access that information. Only members of the Shadows are ever permitted to access the citadel; even prisoners are dealt with elsewhere.   A number of rumours shroud Impossibility in near-total secrecy. Does it exist as a flying castle within the depths of outer space, or a mansion lurking just beyond the borders of space and time, ever watched by the entities that lurk throughout? Or could it perhaps be an immense pillar of shadowstuff carved into wispy being, or even an endless library challenging that of the Endless Archive?   No-one, not even most Shadows themselves, can be entirely certain. There is value to secrets, after all.

Purpose / Function

You cannot expect us to give everything away. Or anything at all. What have you earnt? What have you given?
  What the Shadows do in their mysterious fortress away from the eyes of the Material Plane is, unfortunately, kept close to their chests. Still, it can be assumed that some level of training and exchange of information goes on. In the little gleaned from Shadows members captured and tortured, it has at least been learnt that they possess a repository of weapons that outmatches most nations, though whether they have the manpower to actually make use of such is still uncertain.   They also profess to owning a library that stretches beyond any mortal expectation; given the nature of extraplanar libraries and the collections of various demigods (and, in some cases, true gods), it remains uncertain how they can claim this with no divine patron.


No description of Impossibility has ever been consistent with another. One member gave his description as an immense castle, wings erupting from its back, a glowing red eye open atop its face to look over the void of stars around it. Another spoke softly about the hollow tree she wandered, one that stretched the full length of the heavens and coiled its roots betwixt the planes.   Neither seemed at all uncomfortable with their descriptions, despite mentions of geometry that seemed impossible to the eye and architecture existing in conditions that should be infeasible for life. This encourages a certain train of thought - that the Shadows have made their home somewhere beyond the reach of normal man.   And who else could have done this but a patron with more power than any mortal should possess...?  
I think we're quite done here, don't you?
Founding Date
Alternative Names
the Citadel of Shadows, the Winged Fortress
Acropolis / Citadel
Owning Organization


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