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Cards of the Way

Our dreams are where the boundaries are thinnest, where we can find a way to walk the paths. This? This will help guide you.
— Priestess of the Waking Moon
  Followers of the Way of Runeblessed Dreams, oft simply referred to as 'the Way', trust greatly in the power of dreams. Dreams hold a world of their own creation, if mundane, and through their dreams, followers hope to reach the mystical Source of all magical energy that they believe can bless them with powers and talents unseen by any mortal.   There seems to be some level of truth to their beliefs, despite their inherent blasphemy. Iconography of a silver orb - the Way's holy symbol, often seen in their own artworks being held aloft by a pale blue figure - holds an unnatural power over the dreams of any follower of the Way and forging such an orb can wildly alter the contents of a follower's dreams, particularly if done in conjunction with the practice of ley magic.   It isn't practical to expect all members of the Way to seek out silver and forge the rare metal into mirror-like orbs, however, and the Way fully understands this. Apparently, whatever force grants their symbol its power recognises this as well: if a true follower of the Way performs acts of worship whilst drawing, painting, or otherwise constructing an orb that mimics a true silver orb, that item takes on aspects of the original.   So comes their most common form of promotion and worship: sets of cards inscribed with the silver orb, and with runes enough to introduce a well-versed scholar to the faith should the dreams not suffice alone.


That odd woman handed me this bizarre card and told me to sleep with it close. What a queer idea! I suppose it wouldn't hurt to try it, hm?
— future adherent
  In the form of cards, the Way's religious propaganda is easily dispersed to the masses. The cards become cherished items, oft-reproduced and shared further among friend circles: sometimes for reasons that relate to the true worship of the faith, other times for simple amusement at the odd dreams the mundane card brings. They are painfully simple to create, with many sects buying sets of playing cards and printing over the card faces instead of going to the pains of creating their own.   Though most cards are a simple image of a silver orb with some basic runes drawn to explain the link between dreams, self, and magic, some of the Way's followers choose to go further and create intricate decks for drawing on the power of dreams and divination. These decks are often created in a style similar to tarot or harrow decks, although it's not uncommon to find them made in playing card format, either. The expanded decks draw on numerous sources for their imagery: the mysterious blue woman so central to their religion, the phases of the moon, and international places of ley power (such as menhir).

Dreams are pathways we have yet to take.

Method of Obtainment
Requested from followers of the Way
Imagery, Religious
Related Organisation
The Way of Runeblessed Dreams
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