Adamantine is an incredibly rare metal that, in truth, is not native to Istralar. The first recorded discovery of adamantine belongs to dwarven settlers that would go onto construct Falkor, many years prior to the First Divine War, but recent discoveries of adamantium deposits deep within the crust of Istralar suggest that meteors carrying the material have been a regular occurrence for longer than intelligent creatures have walked the planet.


Material Characteristics

Whilst unworked adamantine looks much like any other ore - dull and grey-toned - its worked form holds a shimmering midnight-green colour under any form of light. In the darkness, or when there is no light directed upon it, adamantine can be mistaken for common steel. Many adventurers employ the trick of keeping their weapons in darkness so as to mislead potential thieves or assassins, granting them the element of surprise in combat.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Adamantine, in any of its forms, is one of the hardest substances ever seen on Istralar. With this, it carries significant strength. Adamantine blades are durable, but also terrifying to face - as they can cleave through almost any material as easily as a knife through butter, most armoured foes will attempt to avoid these blades. Adamantine armour, meanwhile, is incredibly protective from almost all sources of physical damage.


The isolationist nation of Vexua has begun alloying adamantine with other metals in secretive processes, resulting in incredibly powerful but expensive materials such as glaucite. Whilst these are considered optimal for the construction of clockwork beings and airships, the technology and recipes behind these alloys is currently unknown to the majority of the world.

Geology & Geography

Adamantine is found in deposits left by meteors. Thus far, a planet that originates adamantine has not been found. Certain deities, such as Gorum, may provide their followers with gifts of adamantine if sufficiently pleased.
Odourless unless being worked
Bitter and metallic
Midnight green (worked)
Common State

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