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Mermaids are Wild Folk, and live within Isidoro's oceans and rivers. They are not constricted to saltwater, and can thrive within freshwater as well. They often live in pods with a collection of other families, and feel safer in a group than alone.

They cannot live out of water without heavy magical aid to keep their gills and aquatic body-parts damp and properly maintained. As a result, if any do live out of water, they typically choose coastal cities, or areas near numerous bodies of water.

Mermaids don't mind interaction with other species, and some of their closest allies are water dragons. It isn't uncommon to find a water dragon acting as extra security or a bodyguard for a pod.


Mermaids are a hybrid creature, mixing elements of elven ancestry and fish. Their upper torso and arms are elven, covered in a patterning of scales and frills. Their lower-body is entirely fish like, usually incredibly vibrant. They have no set skin tone, as there have been mermaids with skin that is incredibly light, to others with dark and rich tones.  

Their scales can mimic existing fish but are typically a solid colour, linked to their natural mana essence. The colour spans from the tip of their tail, up to their hip bones before it blends into flesh. Both males and females have a scattering of scales along their pectorals and face, and occasionally elsewhere.

Mermaid's ears are pointed like their elven cousins, though they have growths of webbing along the bottom and top, with ridges which match the transparency and colour of the webbing between their fingers.

Basic Information

Dietary Needs and Habits

Mermaids are known to eat mostly meat, their main prey being small fish and squid. They hunt in packs, using spears and nets while corralling their prey.

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Water magic; telepathy; electroreception; bio-luminescence
Genetic Ancestor(s)
Genetic Descendants
Scientific Name
Homo sapiens piscis
Wild Folk
500 yrs
Average Length
Females: 10'8"–13'11"
Males: 8' 5"–10'8"
Related Myths

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