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Corvid Marriage Traditions

What are Corvids?

  Corvid are a species of demon with varying shades of grey skin due to their ancestry. They often have feathers among their hair and along spots near their wings or tail feathers. Their feathers are varied and different families will usually have different patterning.  


  Corvid courtship is based on gift giving, praise, and intimate grooming (ex: braiding their partner's hair). The intent is to give yourself to others, and express that you think of the other person often and enjoy spending close time with them.  

Common Gifts

  • Hand-made gifts
  • Precious stones
  •   Along with these gifts and routines, male corvids will often preform aerobatics using their wings and wind magic to attempt to impress their intended partner. These routines will often begin with dancing on solid ground and then transfer to the air to complete the dance.    


      After many months of courting, the male may go on a journey to find two precious stones worthy of their love. They will wrap one stone in wire and create a unique necklace to present to the object of their affections. If the object of their affection accepts the proposal, they are given the untouched stone and are expected to turn it into something (usually a matching necklace) for their new partner.

    Components and tools

    1. Two willing participants
    2. Various hand-made gifts
    3. Two stones to be made into Proposal Necklaces


    Courtship happens throughout the year, though it is more common in the Vitaea and Basta months. The closer it gets to Terra the more proposals are made.
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