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Control Runes

Listen. Not that you have a choice.


Control runes are runes created for the sole purpose of exerting the Runesmith's will, or what the runesmith was ordered to create. However, due to the Rules of Runesmithing these kinds of runes are no longer allowed to be used outside of strict legal matters and are an illegal rune activity, in which the runesmith and their co-conspirators (if any) will face harsh prison sentences.

Example of a control rune


A control rune is defined as a rune which alters the subjects' mind and thoughts to that of something else. These can vary from a compulsion to stay in one location - such as a casino- or in harsher cases, create a controlled slave.

Side/Secondary Effects

The subject is likely to have headaches, nausea and other debilitating symptoms if attempting to fight the commands the rune is feeding into their mind. The side effects vary greatly and will depend on the runesmith working on the individual rune.


Beings under the effects of a control rune can often feel a tingling sensation where the rune is placed when it is active. It is stated to feel similar to a feeling of dread or unease, with hair standing on end.   The hardest part about knowing you're under control of a control rune is determining whether you're in the presence of one, or if it's on your person without your awareness. For beings who are simply in the presence of a control rune that is controlling a wide area, it may feel like being at a concert, where you can feel the music in your chest; others may here a humming or ringing in their ears. These sensations vary from being to being and how they respond to the magic.
Effect Duration
Until removed from person, or person is removed from an effected area.
Applied Restriction
The Rules of Runesmithing are restrictive in what runes are allowed to be used, and for what purpose. The use of this rune is a moral taboo, and is considered heinous to use on sentient beings: if one is discovered using it or creating it there are large fines and jail time in their future.   However, if you're not caught...You can do what ever you want.

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