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Isekai has started its grand restructuring! Please bear with us as things move around and get situated in their new home.
Names are also in the process of changing, so some names are inconsistent currently.

WorldEmber 2023

The Fires Rise Again

As the air grows cooler and the snows begin to gather, the call of the flame rises, drawing all to its warmth and the stories that the inferno can hold. All gather to share their travels across worlds and universes, the creatures they have found and the friends they have made. The warmth of the ember is sought out as all join in the honored tradition around the fires of Winter's Evening.  

The WorldEmber

After so many years of tradition, there are few that remain that do not know of the inferno that rages in the deepest parts of the year, the stories that strive to be shared of places and people and things that abound across universes and places that some have never seen. For a moment, we all come together to share the storeis that warm our hearts with those that warm our souls.  
Last Prep!
This year's inspiration for WorldEmber and what I want to focus on was spurred on the first day of Summer Camp. The first organization prompt caused me to dive into the world of military organizations and write an amazing article that is my proudest piece from this year. The comments I received on it made my cry tears of happiness and made me so excited to continue writing more articles.   Military history has always been a great love of mine. Early in my life I became interested in it because my grandmother wanted to know more about the submarine my grandfather had served on during World War II. Since then, I have found a great interest and love of this topic that has been ignited by more recent life events.   Writing the Royal Dwarven Military during Summer Camp this year and the Bauxatehn during Summer Camp last year has led me down a rabbit hole of fantasy logistics that I didn't think I would enjoy this much. Figuring out why certain groups have certain numbers or how their military functions based on their cultures is fasinating and has fleshed out the world in ways I don't yet fully understand.   As my husband has been working on the countries of the world for the greater part of the last year, writing militaries and their various pieces goes hand in hand with what he has been working on and helps flesh out more of the world that players and others would interact with.


There are tons of military organizations throughout Isekai and as my husband works through writing the countries, more pop up. With only a month at my disposal and holiday plan as well, I will focus my attention towards the Dwarven and Elven militaries, the Royal Dwarven Military and the Bauxatehn respectively. This two organizations are possibly the most complex of the world's militaries so far and I would like to dedicate my time to finishing the various corps and groups that make up these militaries.
Royal Dwarven Military
First Furnace
Golden Anvil


Isekai is a world that has been ravaged by a number of wars, the most recent being the Eldritch War that occurred only 300 years ago. Militaries, in whatever strength and capacity, have been key to the survival of various countries throughout the millennia. I feel that these organizations are central to how the world works as the military defines lifestyles, education, and more about a given area.  


My inspiration comes from many places, from the museum that I work at, the military history that I've studied, real-life militaries, and much more. This knowledge and inspiration drives me to make realistic and interesting militaries that define the world they live in.   As for people in the WA community, the Cookie Cottage is full of amazing people that love to share ideas and lift each other up. And of course I can't forget Mochi :)

The Great Organization

Back in 2021, I spent a great deal of time reorganizing Isekai using inspiration from TJ Trewin and Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull to build what I would hope to be the final heirarchy of the world. Two years later, this category listing is going strong with some new additions as Isekai slowly creeps toward 2000 articles and 900,000 words.   While I won't have much time in November to dive into updating categories and such, I will make sure to clean up those categories that I will be writing in during December as some of those categories will be visible to the public for the first time.   Here you can see the current behind the scenes category listing for Isekai. Every category that still has the folder icon needs work, but those will get worked on as time allows and articles in those categories are finished and published.

Homepage Revamp

Something that is constantly talked about amongst the Sages is the idea of an elevator pitch for our worlds. At some point in the last year, I was driven to create that pitch for Isekai and to revamp the homepage, especially to include the subscriber groups that would allow others to see our work in progress TTRPG system.   Since that huge revamp, I have seen little reason to change anything else on the homepage. Those that view Isekai for the first time are greeted with the elevator pitch to draw them in and then a longer explanation of the world and the link to the world primer. Scrolling further gives information about Storybook, our TTRPG system, and the ability to join subscriber groups to view the rules.   For how I've seen others move through our world and what our players have said, I'm pretty happy with the state of the homepage right now and how clean it is overall in terms of content and layout.

The Final Countdown

I can't say if I'm more or less prepped for WorldEmber than I have been in past years, but either way, we are in the final countdown to an absolute writing frenzy.   Prep over the last month has been difficult with travel, work, and life, but I think this last minute prep is enough to rocket me to success in a little over 24 hours as the beginning of WE comes on Friday.   Going into WE, a great deal of my writing will more than likely be done at work in a notebook unless for some reason I can write on my laptop. This is going to make everything take a bit longer, especially as I enter everything into WA and start formatting, but I don't want to waste a single minute of writing time.


Support Group
  • The Cookie Cottage is amazing :)
  • Workspace
  • My desk is clean for once but I will also be writing at work
  • Plans/Notes
  • New WE notebook ready to go :)
  • Images
  • In the works
  • Writing Schedule
  • I've given up on this one. There is no schedule ever
  • Snacks/Sips/Songs/More
  • All the things are ready to help me rock this out
  • Han's Spreadsheet
  • Mine is all ready. If you haven't checked out Han's awesome sheet, you definitely should.

  • WE Pledge

    This year will be my fifth WorldEmber and I have learned a thing or two over the years. Some years I went into the event with a huge plan and others I have waited to see what happens. This year, I have a loose plan to fill in what I think are some of the most interesting and difficult parts of the world to write.

    by World Anvil

    WorldEmber Homework Squad
    WorldEmber Homework Squad by World Anvil

    WorldEmber Pledge

    I pledge to complete WorldEmber and the articles and ideas listed here to the best of my abilities, but not by sacrificing time for family and self-care during the holidays.   I adore WorldEmber for so many reasons. The community, the stories, and the ability to just write what my heart desires brings so much joy.   While I've noted in my pledge that I would like to hit 25,000 words during WorldEmber, I have a much bigger goal in mind. I would love for Isekai to reach 900,000 words before the end of the year, but only time will tell.

    Completed Articles

    Burrowing Owls
    Species | Dec 6, 2023

    Burrowing Owls are a common predatory bird found throughout Vóreios, but most consider them to be rare creatures to see. A small, long-legged owl, these creatures are often confused with Hawks or other birds of prey when looked at from a distance.

    Rank/Title | Dec 4, 2023

    Generals serve as the highest leaders of most militaries in the world, often only second in command behind the monarch or head of state who leads the homeland of the fighting force. These men and women are battle-tested and have immeasurable experience.

    Giant Koi
    Species | Dec 28, 2023

    Giant Koi are one of the most common creatures found beneath the waves of Lake Idryl, although the true numbers of the population are unknown. Their scales vary widely in color, often white and gold, but can include shades of orange and black as well.

    Greenwood Honey
    Item | Dec 2, 2023

    Once back in the village, this barrel of liquid and comb would be separated and filtered, readied to pour into barrels & jars to be shared with all who wished. Some would be taken to the Halfling village a day's journey away to be traded for other goods.

    Organization | Dec 20, 2023

    The Hammerfalls are the corp of the Royal Dwarven Military that specialized in traditional military tactics, weapons, and strategies of warfare. These men & women are considered to be the most widely trained of the Royal Dwarven Military.

    Minister of Defense
    Rank/Title | Dec 4, 2023

    Each district of Alfensil has its own leader, but all of them report to the Minister of Defense, the leader of the Ahelian and the protector of the capital of the Elven Kingdom.

    Minister of District Defense
    Rank/Title | Dec 4, 2023

    While the Minister of Defense had existed since the earliest days of the Ahelian, the Ministers of District Defense were a much newer creation that allowed for greater security and specialization in magic & other training that each district needed.

    Material | Dec 2, 2023

    Prismarine is one of the world's rarest stones, being found only in the depths of the ocean, far away from land and civilization. For those that are water dwellers, these stones are seen as Caspian's divine touch, something that they will protect.

    Cover image: by World Anvil


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    Nov 6, 2023 21:13

    The Dwarven Military was right down my alley... can't wait to see what you and hubby are cranking out in this World Ember. Isekai is growing by the year and damn what a joy to be a part of this, even as a reader.

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    Nov 6, 2023 23:57 by Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull

    Oooo, military. I'm excited to read more - the Dwarven military was fascinating. Good luck this WorldEmber! <3

    Emy x   Etrea | Vazdimet
    Nov 9, 2023 13:25 by Elspeth

    Good luck reaching your 25k word goal! You've got this! Have a great WorldEmber. :)

    Nov 30, 2023 16:33

    Good luck this WorldEmber!!! Can't wait to read more about the Dwarven and Elven militaries!! I really enjoyed your article about the the Royal Dwarven Military! It really inspired me to create the article about the Ikarian Army!.

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