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Summer Camp 2022 Summary

Every year, I try to stitch my Summer Camp articles together as much as possible, and this year has really worked hard to make that possible. I'll be updating this periodically as I write articles.  

Copper: The Expanse

These articles worked together really well, so all 8 of these prompts are all related.
The Goldenweed Wastes and the Welkin Gnomes
  • Prompt 1: Goldenweed Wastes - a region of the Wildlands (where magic runs rampant and has alarming consequences where trees fly and grass tries to murder anything that moves.
  • Prompt 3: Gossamer Oak - the species of flying tree.
  • Prompt 7: Welkin Gnomes - a civilization of Gnomes that live high in the sky, in cities made from the flying trees.
  • Prompt 5: Flotsam - the largest city of the Welkin Gnomes.
  • Prompt 2: Sky Seekers - a cult of Welkin Gnomes obsessed with the idea of flying ever higher.
  • Prompt 4: Dirigible - a type of flying vessel made by the Welkin Gnomes.
  • Prompt 6: Goldenweed Oil - a material produced harvested from the deadly grass of the surface and processed into several usable components
  • Prompt 8: Quail Hunt - the Welkin Gnomes coming of age ritual.

Silver: The Leaders

I found these ones a lot harder to mesh together, so I split them up into a couple of different categories:
This is a relatively new field of endeavour in Irion, involving the development of machines that are powered by magic.
  • Prompt 9: Paithadra - the city where such devices were invented, and still a centre of innovation in the field.
  • Prompt 14: Karframan - the new title developed for masters of the field, bringing artisans like blacksmiths to even footing with magi.
  • Prompt 16: Fra-nayan - the means by which a new Karframan is recognized.
Kinilani Politics
I've written a fair bit on this topic already, but a couple of the prompts worked pretty well to discuss a character I'd not gotten around to writing yet.
  • Prompt 15: Caelynn Tenithra - the leader of the restoration efforts in the war torn region of the Iron Hills
  • Prompt 13: Praeses - a job title for a regional ruler that dates to the Ancoran Empire, revived by Kinilan. Caelynn Tenithra is currently the Praeses of the Iron Hills.
Battles of the Great War
The Great War recently ended, and is the largest war in recent memory.
  • Prompt 10: The Fifth Battle of Rethis - a battle planned and executed by an elite unit of the Chelestran Army, with major long term implications for the war.
Chelestran Politics
I needed to flesh out Chelestra a bit as well, hence taking the opportunity to start that project here.  

Gold: The Discovery

These articles are focused on an expedition into the Depths, an underground region of Irion that I have barely touched upon as yet.   (I fully admit to the fact that the beings that live down here are heavily based on the D'ni from the Myst universe. I encountered that setting at a formative age.)
Melodia Silvereyes' Expedition
  • Prompt 23: Melodia Silvereyes - the well known explorer leading the expedition.
  • Prompt 24: The Cave Cities of the Iron Hills - notes for her planned book.
  • Prompt 17: Understone - the city she discovered.
  • Prompt 19: Great Lacerta - an easily herded species of herbivore once used as livestock.
  • Prompt 20: Rock Fuser - a device used to convert stone into a material of astounding strength.
  • Prompt 21: Rock Sounding - a method of exploring the rock used by the people of Understone.
  • Prompt 18: Bethel Cavern - a great and terrible cavern.
  • Prompt 22: Understone Monolith - the wardstone once used to protect Understone from the threats of Bethel Cavern.

Diamond: The Monstrous

I wound splitting these up into two parts, had quite a bit of fun with these ones. With the Night Watch I finally have a concept that might be worthy of building out into a D&D campaign.
Fair Folk
  • Prompt 25: the Fair Folk - the nasty side of fey, many of whom are vindictive enough to punish those who speak ill of them.
  • Prompt 26: Niklas and Taletha - A classic play about a newlywed couple's tragic conflict with one of the fair folk.
  • Prompt 27: Superstitions Involving the Fair Folk - Lore believed to help people avoid attracting the ire of the fair folk.
  • Prompt 28: Indebted - regarding the miseries visited upon those foolish enough to make an open deal with the Fair Folk.
The Night Watch
  • Prompt 29: Night Watch - a cult that worships darkness and seeks to bring it forth.
  • Prompt 31:Black Sapphire - a gemstone that serves as the focus for an enchantment that brings about impenetrable darkness.
  • Prompt 30: Onyx Ida - a powerful magus and senior member of the Night Watch, seeking a way to empower the Black Sapphires.
  And that's it for me. I had fun writing all these. I hope you found something in this that was enjoyable to read. Thank you so much to everyone on the discord who helped out by giving advice or technical assistance, brainstorming ideas when I got completely stumped, and for just being generally supportive and lovely people!

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